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Pov Dipper

I still can't believe we're doing for her, but it's the least I could do she's done so much for me and it wouldn't be fair to decline this offer either way. I'm actually really happy to be going to this fancy party ball thing, it might be interesting. She told me this is a charity event and she promised to take a couple with her as her two guests.

At first, I was slowly freaking out because we are a couple and she doesn't know. Bill had a car. He never told me about it and I was looking confused because I always seem walking everywhere. I guess he only used it for special occasions or something, but who am I to judge. I don't own a car.

I was in my navy blue tux and I had a black tie on. I've stepped out of the room and I see Mabel candy and Grenda here. Why are they here? When did they get here?

They all stare at me in complete surprise me walk out with my fabulous tux. I already smile at them and they will run up to me.

"You look amazing Dippy! Where are you going?" Mabel asked me.
"What did you get here?" I asked.
"Just a few seconds ago." Candy answered.
"Where are you going all dapper up?" Grenda asked.
"Well..." I said.

I was saved by the knocking, thank God. I open the door and saw Bill, thank you for coming earlier than you were supposed to. He was wearing black dress pants, a yellow dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a black vest, and black bow tie.

"You look dashing as always." Bill smiled.
"Haha...Thanks." I chuckled.
"Shall we go?" Bill said.
"We shall." I said.
"What's going on?" Candy asked.
"We promised Pacifica something." Bill told them.
"But why all fancy?" Mabel asked.
"You know that event her father is having but she's basically running?" Bill said.
"Yes." They all nodded.
"We have to go because Pacifica promised them something that she couldn't do." I said.
"Oh...that makes sense." Mabel said.
"How long will you two be there." Pacifica said.
"Few hours." Bill said.
"Well, have fun." Grenda said.
"Bye." We both said.

I'm surprised that didn't ask any more questions because it's Mabel and her friend. I closed the door and we went to his car. We went inside and Bill drove to the place we were going. It was in the fancy part of Gravity Falls.

"Haven't been in this area for a while." Bill mumbled.
"Same." I said.
"You've been here?" Bill said.
"Pacifica lives here I visit her." I said.
"I hope this party isn't too big, I hope I don't see any high school pals." Bill said.
"What do you mean by pals?" I asked.
"Some people from high don't like me, I hope this isn't some high school reunion." I said.
"Wouldn't have you gotten a call for something?" I asked.
"Yeah." Bill said.
"Let's just try to have fun time, even if Pacifica thinks that we aren't a couple but pretending to be." I said.
"Alright, but if it gets too much can we leave early?" Bill asked me.
"I was going to ask the same question." I said.
"Yes." I said.

We both laughed and agreed that if it gets too much or something bad happens that we'll leave. Pacifica also knows that I don't like parties so...

When we made it Bill parked near the tree and we got out. Bill held my hand as we started to walk to the building. I was starting to yet anxious about this. Fuck.

"Its gonna be alright." Bill said kissing my hand.
"Thanks....I've just never been a party person." I said.
"I was the party king in high school, but don't worry I'll make sure my prince has a great time." Bill smiled.
"Thanks, Bill but I'm a queen." Bill and I laughed.

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