A Regular

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Pov Dipper

It's the next day and everything has been going fine, but for the whole day I've been looking at that barista's number. I couldn't keep my eyes off it for some reason and it killed me for some reason.

I woke up and did my usual routine and I saw a note on the fridge that was from Mabel. I took it off and started to read it.

"Hey dippen dots! I wanted to walk with Candy and Grenda to class today, hope you don't mind. From the best Mabel~"
"I guess she doesn't get to tease me about the blonde barista today." I said.

I grabbed my stuff and headed to the coffee shop because I want my morning coffee, that's the only thing keeping me up and alive. I wrote something in a small piece of paper and placed it my pocket.

I opened the door and waited in line until it was my turn. I saw the blonde barista smile at me when I walked up.

"You've come back." Bill smiled.
"O-Of course I did." I said.
"What can I get you?" Bill asked.
"Americano please?" I said while making a faint smile at him.
"I can't say no to a face like that." Bill said.
"Hahaha....I know the amount." I chuckled before speaking.
"Name cutie?" Bill asked me.
"I feel like you remember." I said.
"I do, but I just want to hear you say it." Bill said.
"You can call me anything you want." I said.
"Oh I see." Bill said while making a flirtatious smile."Here." I said.

I gave him the amount and added that little piece of paper. He looked at me and he made a soft chuckle.

"You did the same thing as me." Bill said holding the number.
"I-I don't know when you're on break or off, so text me." I said.
"I will." Bill smiled.
"I still have your number." I said.
"Really?" Bill said leaning on the counter.
"How else am I suppose to know it's from my favorite blonde barista?" I asked.
"Your coffee will be ready in a bit sapling." Bill said as I saw a smile right after.

After a small wait he calls me Pinetree while smiling at me. I went up to the counter again and looked at him with a smile.

"Will you be coming back again?" Bill asked me.
"I'll be a regular, if you want me too?" I said.
"I'll love that Pinetree." Bill smiled.
"Then I'll be back again and thanks." I said.
"Bye Pinetree." Bill said.

I left the coffee shop with a dull smile on my face, I can flirt back because he is kind of cute. I wonder if he's gonna write me a cute message every time. I looked at the coffee cup and I smiled.

"You look brewtiful Mocha☕💓."
"So cute." I smiled.
"Why am I falling for this?" I chuckled.

I took a sip of the coffee and smiled as I walked to my classes. I barely drank my coffee because I was just looking at the cup. I'm just thinking to myself, why am I falling for this?

I walked in the door and saw my group of friends sitting down in the same spot as last time. I sat down and took a small sip of my coffee while smiling to myself.

"Hey Dipper." Pacifica said.
"Hey Pacifica." I said.
"You took as long as last time." Mabel said.
"I walked slower today." I said.

I kept looking at the cup and covered the writing with my middle finger and index finger.

"You went back to the coffee shop, so it must be good." Candy said.
"Like I said, it's good coffee." I said.
"Did you talk to that barista again?" Grenda said lending in.
"No he wasn't here, I got a different one." I'm lying to them because I don't want them to make a big out it.
"Man..." Mabel said.
"What's the big deal anyway?" I asked.
"I'm not a part of this conversion." Gideon said.
"You wouldn't even relate Gideon." Pacifica said.
"Bitch try me." Gideon said.
"No one has ever flirted with you." Candy said.
"People have it's just I don't tell you guys because I know this will happen." Gideon said.
"Really?" Grenda said.
"I should have done that." I said.
"You should have." Gideon said.
"Back to our point." Pacifica said.
"I still don't understand the big deal." I groaned.
"It's too bad I didn't get a good look at the guy." Mabel said.
"Like I said I probably know them." Pacifica said.
"She probably does." Candy said.
"It's just you know everyone and it's rather you're in bad terms or good term, their no in the middle." I said.
"You're afraid that I'm in bad terms with them." Pacifica said.
"Of course I do Pacifica, then you guys wouldn't let me be near the guy." I said.
"It's because we only care." Grenda said.
"If we're all in bad terms with the guy then we won't let you near him." Gideon said.
"But Mabel because you guys only came here during the summer and your great uncles won't let you leave a certain part of town." Pacifica said.
"That's understandable." Mabel said.
"Can't I learn my wrongs by myself?" I said.
"Nope." They all said.

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