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Pov Dipper

I woke up to the sun shinning on my face and I hated it because it was so fucking bright. I got up from bed and did my morning routine as usual.

I changed into my blue jeans, white shirt, a black coat that wasn't too thick and a navy blue scarf. I live in a large city called Gravity falls with my sister Mabel.

It's usual really cold during the fall, but not as cold as winter. Mabel and I are going to the local collage here because our great uncles live in the city.

Our great uncle Ford teaches in the collage that Mabel and I are attending. I'm working for my other great uncle Stan because everyone goes to his shop and pays lots of money for junk.

'Come get a empty soda can with googly eyes for fifty bucks.'

This was going to be my first week in the collage and I wasn't worried or nervous at all. I was waiting for Mabel because she usually takes her time, but this time she was quick.

"This was your fastest time." I said.
"I don't take that long." Mabel said.
"Sure you don't." I said.
"I have to show you this coffee shop that Candy and Grenda told me about." Mabel said.

Candy and Grenda are one of her childhood best friends that also go to the same collage as us. During the summer we would come, but we would never allowed to explore because we were too young.

Our mother is a travel agent which is amazing. Our dad is a airplane pilot and he travels a lot, but when we have our school and family vacations we travel.

On my Instagram and Snapchat I post our family trips and it's amazing because we go to amazing places. Our family has been to Italy, London, France, Spain, Fiji, Finland, Ireland, Thailand and Greece.

My Instagram is also full of Coffee shops I've been too and my username is CoffeeKing because Mabel made my account for me. I have way too many followers for my own good because they like my pictures and coffee shop reviews.

Mabel and I have done lots of traveling for our age and it's amazing because we have so many stories. Mabel snapped her fingers in front of him and I looked at her.

"Dipper were you even listening to me?" Mabel said.
"Sorry Mabel, I was day dreaming." I said.
"The coffee shop is called Demon cafe and I heard lots of great reviews about it." Mabel said.
"I will be the judge of that." I smiled.
"Of course you will because you have an unhealthy obsession with coffee." Mabel said.
"No I don't" I said.
"Latte and Piccolo Latte are the same thing." Mabel said.
"Piccolo lattes are served in espresso cups and are smaller versions of a latte, but unlike lattes they do not have flavored and iced variations. Lattes are a bit towards the milder side, lattes taste less strong because of the milk. Though Piccolo Lattes are bitter, the harshness of the espresso shot is lessened by the addition of rich milk. Don't get me start Mabel I've only begun." I said.
"See." Mabel said.
"I still don't see your point." I said.
"Never mind, but we're already here." Mabel said.
"I'll catch up, I'm getting a phone call." I said.

Mabel told me that she wasn't waiting for me, but that's her because I see her as a Affogato. A Affogato is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso with coffee. The bitterness and harshness of the shot is mellowed out by the ice cream.

Mabel can be really sweet, but when someone pushes her buttons it's a whole different story. I answered my phone because it was Pacifica, I wander why she's calling me.

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