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Pov Bill

I was doing my normal things and something crossed my mind, I was supposed to meet Keyhole and Eight-ball over at the park today.

I quickly put on my shoes, Will stopped me before I step out of the door, why is he stopping me?

"Where are you going?" Will asked me.
"I forgot that I was going to meet Keyhole and Eight-ball at the park today, they're going to kill me because I'm late." I said.
"You should really have a planner or put a reminder on your phone Bill, you've been forgetting a lot of things lately." Will told me.
"I'm sorry that I'm forgetful." I said.
"You better go than." Will said.
"I was until you stopped me, Will." I said.
"My bad I thought you were gonna do something idiotic." Will honestly said.
"Thanks." I said.

I left the apartment and raced down the stairs as I almost trip because of one of the steps, such a fun thing to almost fall on your face, good times right?

I looked both ways before crossing the street because of people these days, they can't drive for the life of them and it annoys me, but at least some people have the decency to drive like a person.

I'm getting this weird feeling, I don't know why though. It feels strange to me. It feels like that I'm in one of those horror movies where you feel like someone is coming after you.

I feel like I'm just overreacting, yeah!

I get a call from Eight-ball and I know I'm going to get yelled at because of my tardiness.

"I'm sorry that I'm late, I completely late." I said once I answered.
"I was going to call you because I was late, I think Keyhole is waiting for us." Eight-ball said.
"He's gonna be so mad at us, I just know it." I said.
"He's probably on his phone playing candy crush, but who knows." Eight-ball chuckled.
"We all know him at this point Eight." I said.
"We better hurry up before he starts playing angry birds, that game is frustrating sometimes." Eight-ball told me.
"Yeah, I'll see you there Eight." 

I hung up the phone as I realized that I was going the wrong way, I stopped and turned around to go the right direction. I'm so screwed!

I started to walk in the right direction instead of continuing in the other direction, I have to start paying attention when I call someone while walking because then I walk in random directions.

Eight-ball is going to start questioning me about why I'm so late, I can't do two things at once sometimes because then I get distracted. 

I hope Keyhole doesn't get mad at me and Eight for being late because of our bad memory, oops.

I'm actually going to be later than Eight-ball because of my wrong turn. Maybe if I walk faster than I'll possibly make it before Eight or around the same time.

Nah. I'm gonna be fashionably late because I'm lazy. People from high school wave at me and say good afternoon with smiles or straight faces, or, people just being polite.

I felt someone tap my shoulder, I turn around and I was punched across the face. Once that happened people just continued to walk and mind their one business. It fucking hurt! Do they have a ring or something?

"What the fuck is your problem!" I shouted.

If I use my powers in public and use it on Gideon I would be under arrest. I don't want that.

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