Hanging out

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Pov Bill

Pinetree and I have gotten closer since we've been hanging out in person more when I'm on breaks or when we don't have any classes, it's been great because I'm learning new things about him. 

I'm in my apartment just laying on the couch catching up on Netflix series and eating a small bag of doritos, which is basically me after my classes because by the end of the day I'm tired as all hell. 

I know it's nothing really important that I get my daily dose of physical active but I'll skip my work out. When I was watching peacefully my shows until my younger brother throws a pillow at me head making drop my chips. 

Rest in peace bag chips.
You shall be missed.

"What was that for?" I groaned.
"I kept calling you and you wouldn't answer me, I even threw a pencil at you!?" Will exclaimed.
"I was thinking and when I think noises cancel around me." I said.
"Why did you put that piercing back on!?" Will asked somewhat yelling at me.
"Will I like it even though I was drunk as all hell when I got it, it looks good on me." I said.
"Take it off Bill." Will said.
"I'm not going to take it off." I said.
"But you take it off during work?" Will said.
"Yeah because Keyhole and Paci-fire annoy me." I said.
"I don't get why you kept it." Will said.
"I'm sorry that I like it, even though I was drunk it was worth it." I said.
"Drunk or not." Will said.
"Why do you hate it so much? It looks nice on me." I said.
"I get this fuck boy vibe." Will told me.
"I'm not a fuck boy, so you don't have to worry William." I said.
"I know you aren't because you actually have a heart." Will told me.
"Exactly." I said.

Pyronica wanted me to tell you something!" Will said.

"Like what? It better be good because my poor doritos are on the ground because of that pillow." I said.
"I'm sorry about your doritos Bill." Will said.
"Those were my last bag." I said.
"I'll get you a family size one." Will said.
"Yay!" I smiled.
"Damn it, I forgot what she wanted me to tell you. Well I'm gonna go hang out with Keyhole and Eight-ball, peace." Will said.
"Bye." I said.

I got up and cleaned up the empty bag of chips and the doritos that fell on the ground. I got a notification and I looked at my phone.

It was from Snapchat. I started to skip random peoples stories until I just saw the cutest thing from Pinetrees story. Pinetree is so innocent that it melts my heart sometimes, I wonder if he has an Instagram? 

Pinetree had this hoodie on that has a little crown on it and it has this little cute coffee on the front. Pinetree took a selfie while laying down on a bed with the cutest smile on his face and he was just happy.

"Pinetree is so cute when he's happy." I mumbled.

I keep looking at his story and it was just him loving everything around him, why is he so adorable. I got a phone call when I was looking at his story and speak of the devil, it was Pinetree.

Hey Bill.
Hey Sapling. 
Who many more nicknames do you have for me? Pinetree chuckled.
Not much, but they all work for you.
To be honest... I love when you call me those nicknames, they make me happy.
I love it when you're happy.
Pinetree makes a soft chuckle.
That chuckle is cute.
Shut up.
But it is.
How are you anyway?
I'm fine and you?
Great as always.
What are you doing?
Nothing right now and you.
I'm watching random shows on Netflix.
That sounds nice.
It was until my brother threw a pillow at me.
Poor soul.
A bag of chips were lost.
That's even worse.
Since you're not doing anything right now, wanna hang out? I-I mean if you want too.
Sure I'll love too.
Can we meet up at the park gate?
I'll see ya there.
You too.

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