Work visit

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Pov Dipper

It's the next day and Stan called me in for work, I mean it was all sudden but I couldn't say no. I quickly got dressed and raced out of the apartment. I'm still going to get my daily dose of coffee no matter what.

I walked into the coffee shop and made a dull smile to myself, I see that this place is busy. This is the first time I've been here when it's busy.

"Wow." I mumbled.

I waited in line and everyone is rather sitting down or waiting for their coffee. I get a phone call from Ford. I wonder what he wants?

Dipper do you remember what I said, last class?
Yeah, why?
I completely forgot my lesson plan and everything is a mess...
Did you check your office for the plans?
Of course, I did.
How do you keep losing your own plans?
I don't know, I was working on something and I misplaced them.
Well, we were working on the environment leading to global warming, but then we were working on the element and compounds.
Ah! I found them.
Good because I know for sure your going to be late for your class.
Gah! You're right, thanks Dipper.

He quickly hung up as I made a dull chuckle because he's always losing his plans, I'm surprised he even has his teaching job. I mean he's a great teacher, it's wonderful, but he keeps forgetting the simplest things.

I put my phone away and I was only a few people away from getting my coffee. After a while, I was up next.

I see Bill somewhat stressed out, well, who wouldn't be? I mean I understand because when the mystery shack gets busy, it's a whole mess.

"Hey." I smiled.
"Hey Pinetree, regular?" Bill asked me.
"Like always." I said.
"You know the amount." Bill smiled at me.
"Of course I do." I said.

I give him the proper amount and he grabbed a special cup. Bill makes a dull smile as he writes something on the cup.

"I still haven't forgotten about what I said yesterday." Bill chuckled.
"I knew you wouldn't." I said.
"Where are you off too, if you don't mind me asking?" Bill asked me while raising his right eyebrow.
"To work." I mumbled.
"I thought you didn't work until later?" Bill muttered.
"Well, Soos called in sick today and he called me and told me that I'll get paid overtime." I said.
"Stan really couldn't find anyone else?" Bill said.
"He couldn't and plus I don't complain like the others." I said.
"Poor soul." Bill said.
"I really don't mind." I said.
"Here you go Pinetree." Bill smiled softly.
"Thanks." I smiled.

I waved goodbye to Bill and I see a sweet smile form on his face. I chuckled and I quickly left the shop to go to the mystery shack.

I kept getting notifications on my phone and I ignored them because it's probably stupid news.

I took small sips of my coffee and hurried to the mystery shack. I didn't want to be late because he sounded mad for some reason.

I came in and saw Stan laying on the floor, I walked around him and placed my stuff down before helping him up.

"What happened?" I asked.
"I give up." Stan said grabbing my hand.
"Give up on what?" I asked him.
"Everything." Stan told me.
"If your gonna die then die in the break room." I said.
"I'm going to now." Stan said.
"What's really wrong?" I said.
"I've been stress for the past few weeks." Stan said.
"Just take a break in the break room, maybe that'll help." I suggested.
"Maybe, but I didn't want to leave the shop unsupervised." Stan said.
"I'm here so you can do whatever you want to do in there." I said.
"Thanks, kiddo for coming in early." Stan said.
"It's no problem, plus I have nothing better to do anyway." I said.

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