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So what? I love her - Mabel x Pacifica by LinnyRulesBro1273
So what? I love her - Mabel x Linny
Pacifica is struggling with some family problems including confessing she is a lesbian and it doesn't help when Mabel arrives back in town... [Pictures and Characters no...
  • mabcifica
  • girllove
  • pacificanorthwest
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not what he seems//gravity falls mabill ship by gravityfallsboat
not what he seems//gravity falls the shipp is sailing
"Dipper! Save mE!!" unfortunately, Mabel's pleas for help were unheard. She turned and glared at the smirking figure in front of her. Bill Cipher. She was shoc...
  • gravityfalls
  • ship
  • mabill
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Bound To Happen (A Pinecest Fanfiction) by take71
Bound To Happen (A Pinecest ok
The Mystery Twins know everything about each other... right? WARNING: The following story contains incest and mild sexual situations. Reader discrection is advised. Star...
  • mabel
  • trash
  • dipper
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Choose Me, Shooting Star||Mabill Fanfic by --SweetMelody--
Choose Me, Shooting Star||Mabill ★ Jisteria Crazy ★
One night, Bill enters Mabel's dream to warn her of other demons trying to consume her power. Mabel decides to let Bill follow her, even though she doesn't trust Bill.
  • falls
  • mabill
  • bill
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Unexpected Secret - Billdip (fem.dipper) by happythoughts312
Unexpected Secret - Billdip ( fantasy monster
Dipper was always a girl, and that as her secret, Mabel knew but understand. But puberty hit her hard and she was not afraid of telling her secret anymore, instead she e...
  • femdipper
  • magic
  • bipper
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Auric Adulation - Bill Cipher x Reader by TwistedTricks1
Auric Adulation - Bill Cipher x Floof Noodle
Hey, all! I decided to start a different story since I started running out of ideas for SAH. So, I'll be writing this one for a bit, then get back to Mr. SadisticFlowerK...
  • mason
  • billcipher
  • waddles
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The Mistakes We Make Shape Us by TaylorAudas
The Mistakes We Make Shape Usby TaylorAudas
This story features an O.C. so please no hate. There are no Mary sues, I make my O.C.s realistic in personality. This a Gravity Falls fanfic. Warning: I change scenes fr...
  • mabel
  • bill
  • dipper
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Melomaniac |♪| Bill Cipher X Reader by RealityInsanity
Melomaniac |♪| Bill Cipher X Readerby ♚ Danish Bread ♚
|Sequel to Musical Devotee| "Melomaniac" - the translation of mélomane. It has been a year since the 'tragic' ending, and you were left alone. Each performa...
  • dipper
  • gravityfalls
  • dipperandmabel
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Weekend Ruse by cooliowritesnothing
Weekend Ruseby nobody
A college au where Dipper and mabel go to different colleges but when Mabel comes to visit things have change. Written by: Pineneedleshurt on Tumblr
  • weekendruse
  • pinecest
  • romance
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I Miss you honey GRAVITY FALLS [StanfordXReader]  by Kass636
I Miss you honey GRAVITY FALLS [ sandraoruko
Hoy me estaba acordando de ti, de todo lo vivido, de todos los momentos y sensaciones que hemos pasado, me tocaste el corazón de una manera inesperada y yo solo lo sient...
  • bill
  • soos
  • fordxtn
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I'm iNSaNE, What's you're point? (Billdip fanfic) by loverboi_lance
I'm iNSaNE, What's you're point? ( loverboi_lance
TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains BAD GRAMMAR (depressing and suicidal thoughts) so please don't read if you can't handle. If you can then good, if you can't but stil...
  • billcipher
  • heartbreak
  • yaoi
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UnWilling Roommates (Bill x Reader x Will) by cunzy4
UnWilling Roommates (Bill x cunzy4
Crossbows, murder, magic, and hijinks aplenty! From the moment you arrive in Reverse Falls, you're thrown into a whirlwind of a conspiracy where the beloved magicians...
  • dipper
  • dorito
  • willcipher
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My Disorder (Dipper Gleeful x Reader) by ChloetheDory
My Disorder (Dipper Gleeful x ChloetheDory
"How did you do that?" you marveled at the spinning ball of fire in his hands. He smiled at your amusement, showing more emotion than he did since you met him...
  • dipperpines
  • wattys2018
  • billcipher
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6 Years Later - Billdip (Gravity Falls) by zazilks
6 Years Later - Billdip (Gravity zazilks
(Warning there's no Billdip till later on in the story)Dipper and Mabel are now 19, Dipper has moved to gravity falls to stay in the Mystery Shack with Grunkles Stan an...
  • shootingstar
  • mabel
  • pinestwins
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Back To BillDip by ParanoidDanni
Back To BillDipby Danni Paranoia
Dipper and Mabel left at the end of the summer for their hometown, Piedmont. The end of the summer means Back To School. When the bullies start picking on Dipper, a my...
  • dipper
  • backtoschool
  • gravityfalls
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Human Bill Cipher x Reader Part 2 by ItsTotalyBlue
Human Bill Cipher x Reader Part 2by ItsTotalyBlue
A year after Bill gave her to Dipper, she has major depression and causes her entire room to explode. She runs away in hope to keep the Pines safe, only to run into none...
  • wendy
  • death
  • epic
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Come Wayward Souls by Hermazing
Come Wayward Soulsby Hermazing
After a violent argument with his sister, Dipper Pines finds himself hurtling towards his death- but also towards a mysterious wood in which two siblings desperately nee...
  • overthegardenwall
  • wirtxdipper
  • death
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Dipper's Secret [Billdip] by BlueCipher0
Dipper's Secret [Billdip]by Blue Leader
[Adopted by @Ghosty-and-Cloud, @dreamdemonlord, and @kelala_wizner] Weirdmageddon is ending and everyone in Gravity Falls is there to witness. All the Interdimensional c...
  • protectivebill
  • mabel
  • othercharacters
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Whishing for Love by FionaBeels
Whishing for Loveby FionaBeels
Pacifica Northwest is in love with Dipper but her parents refuse to let her see him. After she snuck out to see him. Bill offers her s a magic lamp with a genie name...
  • pacífica
  • mabel
  • falls
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