So close

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Pov Bill

After texting Pinetree for five straight days we've finally decided to finally go outside for once after texting. Pinetree and I have only gone outside are when we have school or work.

We aren't really active children when we're texting each other in general... We needed to get out more because if I stay in my bed a day longer I'm not going to get up or get out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Will asked me.
"I'm finally going outside willing after five days." I said.
"Well, that's good but I mean where are you going in general?" Will asked me.
"I don't really know because Pinetree and I are just gonna walk around are just going to do random things." I said.
"You and Dipper are going out again?" Will said.
"What do you mean again? I haven't hung out with him in a while now." I said.
"You basically see him every day because he goes to the coffee shop every day, I only know this of Keyhole and Paci-fire." Will mumbled.
"I-I know but it's just small talk and then he leaves for whatever he wants to do." I said.
"Alright, but don't do anything stupid while you're out." Will told me.
"I have Pinetree for that." I said.
"Really?" Will said.
"Yeah..." I mumbled.
"I don't know what else to say now." Will said.
"Bye Will." I said.

I quickly left before he actually things of something else to say. I raced down over to the park and took the short cut like I always do.

For once Pinetree was there first, did I really take that long? Pinetree didn't have a hoodie on for once while I had my yellow one.

This feels weird, its suppose to be the other way around. Well, yeah, other way around.

"Hey Bill." Pinetree smiled.
"Hey Pinetree how are you?" I asked.
"I'm good and you." Pinetree said.
"I'm doing fine." I smiled.

I saw a faint blush on Pinetrees face when he smiles back.

"W-Where should we go?" He stuttered as his smile disappeared.
"I don't really know actually." I said.
"Should we walk around and see where the day takes us?" Pinetree
"We should because we actually didn't plan anything." I said.
"T-Then let's go." He stuttered again.

Pinetree and I walked inside the park area. Pinetree came a little closer to me and I made a dull smiled.

I felt his finger brush against mines. I wanted to hold his hand but I just couldn't. What if he pulls away and gives me a weird look?

Maybe I should just ask him out? I'm just so worried about rejection, I'm never worried about rejection until now.

Maybe I should just forget about asking him out.

Pinetree and I walked to a different side of the park. I've never really been to the other side of the park.

There was nothing interesting about the other side of the park. I hope Pinetree isn't bored.

Pov Dipper

This side of the park isn't as exciting as I thought. Mabel told me that this side was excited but I don't think it is.

I wonder if she was drunk when she came here because she finds everything fun when shes drunk.

"We should go somewhere else." Bill suggested.
"Like where?" I mumbled.
"Maybe somewhere inside? It's getting cold and you don't have a hoodie." Bill said.
"I-I actually forgot it at home." I awkwardly chuckled.
"Should we walk back and get it?" Bill asked me.
"No, I'm fine." I said.
"Are you sure?" Bill asked.
"Yeah, let's just go somewhere else." I said.

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