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Pov Bill

I can't believe it's been two week since I've hung out with Pinetree, I mean I do see him almost every day because he get his morning coffee everyday.

Pinetree is just a sweetheart when I think about it, he's so fucking cute. I-I mean as a friendly way, a friendly way.

Sapling isn't like anyone I've ever meant before and it's wonderful that I get to see him everyday, he's so great.

"Bill snap out of it!" Paci-fire shouted me.
"My bad." I mumbled.
"What were you thinking about anyway?" Keyhole asked me.
"Nothing." I said.
"You sure because you were smiling a lot." Pacif-fire told me.
"It was nothing." I said.
"Something is up!" Keyhole said.
"Nothing is up, you guys just saying it doesn't mean anything." I said.
"We can tell Bill." Paci-fire said.
"You guys can't tell shit." I said.
"Why are you getting all hurt? We're just saying that something is up." Keyhole said.
"I'm not getting hurt about it, it's just annoying." I groaned.
"Come on~" Paci-fire said.
"No." I said.
"You can trust us." Keyhole said.
"I trust Pyroncia more than you two." I said.
"Damn... " They both said.
"Yep." I said.
"Speak of the devil, Hey Pyroncia." Paci-fire said.
"Hey you three!" Pyroncia smiled.
"Hey." I said.
"What are you three talking about?" Pyroncia asked us.
"Nothing important." I said.
"He can trust you more than us." Keyhole said.
"Really?!" Pyroncia smiled.
"Yeah." Paci-fire said.
"I feel honored." Pyronica said.

I started to ignore the three and went on my phone. I went through my social media and Pinetree posted something. Wait, I remember this day, I took that amazing photo. I'm proud of my photography skills.

"He's the cutest."

A dull smile went on my face once I said that, he's the sweetest thing. I felt my heart beat faster as I look at the photo, he's so cute when he smiles.

"What are you looking at?" Pyronica said.

I quickly turned off my phone before she saw what I was actually looking at.

"Just my social media." I said.
"Oh~" Pyroncia said.
"Let's hurry and cross." Paci-fire said.

We walked and these two cars almost hit us, what the actual hell?!

"What the fuck!" Keyhole said.
"People can't drive for the life of them sometimes." Paci-fire said.
"At least people aren't drunk around this time of day, that's when things get scary." Pyronica said.
"Just imagine if one of us got hit." Keyhole said.
"I hope people start thinking when they drive soon." Paci-fire said.
"Like that's every going to happen." I said.
"That's true, people are stupid and it's never going to stop. There's going to be that one percent of people that won't think about driving safely because their focus on something else while driving." Pyronica said.
"Let's stop talking about it." I said.
"Let's." Paci-fire said.
"Where are we going anyway? We've been walking in a straight line for a while now." Keyhole said.
"I'm going home." I said.
"We're coming with you!" Pyroncia said.

I rolled my eyes as they all do a mini celebration for no reason, I didn't even say yes. They're still going to follow me anyway so there's no point of saying no to them.

I unlocked the door and I see Will and Eight-ball on the couch. They smiled at us and Pyronica sat next to Eight-ball, basically her bestie at this point.

"Hey you two~" She smiled.
"Hey P." Eight-ball said.
"I'll be in my room." I said.
"Why? Come hang with us." Will said.
"I have to finish an assignment from Sixer, I still haven't done it yet." I said.
"Alright." Keyhole said.
"Peace." I said.

I went into my room and laid down on the bed while looking at the wall. I took a deep breath and signed.

"Feelings suck." I mumbled.
"It's like high school all over again." I said.

I don't want that high school vibe again, high was a mixture of emotions that I don't want to talk about. It's just insane because everything was a mess for me. I was black mailed once, but I threaten them with black mail as well so it was fair at the end.

We're cool with each other now, she really knew what she was doing but I was one step ahead. Damn... I need to talk to her because I haven't seen or chatted with her in a while. She's always busy with her friends and her family, but I should really talk to her. 

"I hate emotions because they suck ass~" I hummed to myself.
"They always confuse me and I hate being confused." I mumbled.
"Why am I talking to myself? I sound crazy." I said.
"Wait....I'm insane, that counts." I mumbled.

I turned on my phone and saw a text message from Pinetree. I felt a smile on my face as I clicked on the message to receive an answer.  

Hey Bill
Hey Pinetree
What are you doing?
Nothing right now, I'm just planning to go over some of my work before I have to go to class in two hours.
Is it one of Ford's assignment?
Don't worry about that, he told my class it was just busy work and it wouldn't count as a big great. He lost his planner with all his assignments a day ago.
How do you know?
He told the whole class silly, he felt bad for making us do it right after for some reason.
Thank god I have you to tell me these things.
No problem😊
So what are you up too? 
Nothing like always, I'm just watching TV by myself.
You really have nothing to do everyday?
Yeah... I get bored a lot and I do random things on snapchat when I have absolutely nothing to do. I'm pretty lonely everyday too.
Poor Sapling.
I know.
I'm guessing that you're probably eating something as well.
I swear to everything holy you're a wizard sometimes.
I'm gonna guess the food too and no powers, this is pure luck.
Alright, let's see if you're a wizard.
Since you're Pinetree you're probably eating an Apple.
Shit you're a wizard, I'm declaring it.
I can tell you're smiling.
I am.
Well I better go Bill, I'll talk to you later.
Later Pinetree.

I placed my phone back on the ground and I made a dull smile as I looked at the wall. I'm gonna hide my feelings until I know if Pinetree feels the same way or not because I don't want things to get awkward between us.

I hate this feeling...



It's.... just so..... confusing.

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