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Pov Bill

I looked at the time and for once I wasn't going to be late! I'm usually late because of something always holding me back. Pyronica, Paci-fire, Eight-ball, Keyhole, Will went to the bar and I didn't go because I didn't want a hangover.

Will didn't drink because he was the driver so it's probably okay with them, I just hope they don't appear out of nowhere like they always do. I'm just praying that they don't show up out of nowhere for once, just, please. 

I put on my shoes and left my room, I looked at the living room and I saw everyone in our living room.

"When did you guys come here?" I asked.
"Well... We didn't drink for once and we went to watch a movie instead." Pyronica said.
"Wait, what?" I said.
"Yeah, we didn't feel like drinking for once which was a huge surprise for us because we always drink on Friday." Eight-ball said.
"I was surprised as well because we were just standing around in the club until Keyhole said he wanted to go see a movie." Will said.
"When did you come to our apartment?" I said while pointing at me and Will.
"Oh, we came around ten because we were all bored and wanted to see if you two wanted to hang out." Paci-fire said.
"You should have called." I said.
"Why are you so worked up about this? You usually don't mind when we show up out of nowhere." Keyhole said.
"It's just I already made plans." I said.
"Then ditch them and hang out with us." Pyronica suggested.

I can't just ditch Pinetree, I'll seem like a massive jerk for leaving him there and I don't want Pinetree to think I'm a dick. 

"I can't this time." I said.
"Why not? You do it all the time." Eight-ball said.
"I just can't this time." I mumbled.
"Why? Just forget about them." Paci-fire said.
"They can't be that important." Will said.
"Really?" I said.
"What? It's true." Keyhole said.
"I gotta go." I said.

I quickly left the and I raced down the stairs because just having that little conversion made me a few minutes behind schedule, damn it. 

I hope Pinetree doesn't get mad at me for being late because I know that Pyronica, Keyhole, Eight-ball, Paci-fire, and Will get mad at me when I plan sometimes and I end up being late. 

I hope he isn't mad at me. Fuck. I'm getting nervous. Fuck! I quickly raced to the park gate and saw Pinetree on his phone waiting for me, he doesn't look mad, I hope he isn't though. 

Pinetree smiled at me once he notices me, I felt my heart stop once he smiled at me. Damn... I have it bad for him. 

"Hey, Bill." I Sapling smiled.
"Hey Pinetree, sorry that I was late." I said.
"It's fine, I actually rushed here because I thought I was going to be late." Pinetree chuckled.
"Let's go." I smiled.

Third Person

After Bill left something didn't feel right to Will, he's never acted like this before. What could he be up too?  Will thought.

Pyronica taps on Will's shoulder, Will looks at Pyronica.

"What's up with you?" She asked him.
"It's just weird." Will answered.
"What's weird?" Keyhole asked him.
"Bill doesn't act like this when we ask him to hang out with us, he usually leaves the person and comes with us instead." Will said.
"Maybe it's something important?" Eight-ball said.
"He never has anything important to do." Will said.
"Doesn't he make up random excuses to tell that person when we ask him to hang out with us?" Paci-fire said.
"I feel like he's up to something..." Will mumbled as he crossed his arms.
"Don't you get that feeling?" Will continued.
"A little." Pyronica mumbled.
"Let's follow him then, maybe he's in this secret club." Keyhole said.
"Fight Club, fight club." Eight-ball and Paci-fire chanted.
"I know for sure he's not in a fight club." I said.
"Let's go invade Bill's privacy!" Pyronica said.

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