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This Is War by PaperBagBoi_
This Is Warby Paper Bag Boi
"A warning to the people The Good and The Evil This is WAR To the Soldier The Civilian The Martyr The Victim It's the moment of Truth and Lies The moment to Li...
Godly Love by PaperBagBoi_
Godly Loveby Paper Bag Boi
For centuries people have believed in gods for certain things. They aren't perfect with their skills, so, they learn at a very young age. High school for Gods, goddess...
For What's Forbidden (Fixed) by PaperBagBoi_
For What's Forbidden (Fixed)by Paper Bag Boi
Two lovers, Two families at war, A ball were someone's identity is hidden, From families at war for centuries, secert lovers, Not knowing what they look like they fi...
Turning The Second Barrel: An Equestrian Journal by Spunkyhorse14
Turning The Second Barrel: An Spunkyhorse14
(Spunkyhorse14's 3rd equestrian journal) Chapter One published: 5/6/17
Torn Pages by knightlife
Torn Pagesby knightlife
Torn pages will be a collection of poems and short stories about anything and everything. These will all be poems written by myself and updated everyday for a year or mo...
THE KEYHOLE by HimikaPandit
THE KEYHOLEby Himika Pandit
Writer: Himika Pandit Theme: Horror written on 12th january,2022 posted on 4th February, 2023
Through the keyhole by Tobias7991
Through the keyholeby Tobias7991
James Gard, a photographer who was born in London, has been tasked by his company to get some shots of forests, mountains, animals etc in Canada. He checks into a hotel...
How to take care of Keyhole!!! by N0_On3_Imp0rtant
How to take care of Keyhole!!!by No one important
This one is based on one of my best friends, he wanted me to write a fanfiction about him but I thought this would be better instead! so there will be three Parts...enjo...
Destiny: Who am I? by sugary03
Destiny: Who am I?by YowKie
"Hey Sora." I called out. "Yeah, Mei?" "...Nothing." "WhAaatTttTt? You can't just leave me hanging like that! Come on, you can tell me...
The Keyhole by RimounSalami
The Keyholeby RimounSalami
This story is about a man that rented a room in a hotel. Then he hears about a women that died in a room near the one he got. One morning he decided to look inside the k...
Through the keyhole by shannonallen25
Through the keyholeby shannonallen25
short horror story i had to write for an english paper :) so don't expect anything flash, just curious on how people react to it :')
One Barrel At A Time: My Equestrian Journal by Spunkyhorse14
One Barrel At A Time: My Spunkyhorse14
So this book will just go over the equestrian part of my life until either the beginning of the 2017 show season or until the end of the 2017 show season depending on wh...
With You by _GravityFallsFan_
With Youby ♡♡BillDip♡♡
Dipper and Mabel move into the city of Gravity Falls, where Creatures, Angels, Demons, and Humans live in actual peace, not like other cities that are very racist. They...
Don't Look Through the Keyhole by Caprieldow
Don't Look Through the Keyholeby Capriel
It was that time of year again, going to grandmas house and spending the weekend there. A mystery girl in the house that never comes out, should look under the door to s...