Texting gone bad.

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Pov Bill Cipher~

I was inside my room laying on my bed and I was thinking about what happened two weeks ago. I was just thinking Why couldn't I control myself when I was with Pinetree? I know it was only two weeks ago, but Jesus I couldn't control myself. 

Why am I still thinking about it anyway?

Pinetree was just so fucking cute! I mean Pinetree was so adorable with his messy hair, coffee-colored eyes that looked somewhat sleepy, he would blush at the slightest things I said to him and when he nuzzled into me it felt like heaven. 

I held him and he came closer to me because of my body temperature, I never thought that would work in my opinion but it did. He would play with my hair and the looks he gave me was just wonderful.

 He left his legs on my hips after I let go, he held on to me tighter then he's ever before, and he would turn flustered when I would say anything to him. I touched his warm skin, his skin was soft and pale. 

Our bodies were so close to each other and I felt his chest against my back and when he was sitting on the counter I felt his chest on mines. I mean I have a major gay crush on Pinetree, I-I mean who wouldn't?  

Pinetree is so fucking cute. His shirt was too big on him and he looked- he looked...sexy... in a way to me. His shirt being a little too big for him was what got to me for some reason because he looked so god damn innocent. 

"D-Damn it Pinetree...why do you have to be so cute." I said.
"Why do you make me feel this way?" I mumbled rolling to my side facing the wall.

I looked at my phone and then saw an unread message from Pinetree. 

Hey Bill.
Hey Pinetree.
I'm bored and I wanna talk to someone...

hat do you wanna talk about?
Anything really.
Really Pinetree?
Yeah... I'm bored and I don't know what to talk about.
I don't know why this puts a smile on my face.
You're such a cutie.
I'm the one that's supposed to call you a cutie.
Today I'm calling you that.
It's my thing to call you nicknames.
I know it is, I actually sick at nicknames.
Yeah, I've always been bad with nicknames because I've always come up with stupid ones.
We can work on your nickname callings later.
No problem Pinetree.
What are you doing anyway?

I'm thinking about you and how I have a major gay crush on you.

I hope I didn't type that...God damn it! I typed it! Thank God I didn't sent it to him because that be embarrassing and awkward.

I'm doing nothing actually, just lay in my bed thinking about something.
What are you think about? If you don't mind me asking.

Fuck! Why did I send that!

You're so flirtatious.
I'm supposed to be Sapling.
I know you are.
That's what makes me, me.
There's other things that make you, you.
Like what?
You're really sweet, smart, funny, kind, and just a great person to me. You always make me happy.
That's so sweet of you Sapling.
Hehe because it's true.
Nothing will make me happier then you smiling.
I'm always smiling.
That's why I'm happy when I'm with you.
So sweet.
You're such a cutie.

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