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Pov of the person that loves coffee.

I woke up noticing that something was wrong in my mind, I didn't know what was wrong but it just felt like it. I get up from bed and start to walk around because I'm getting this unsettling feeling, which I'm personally not a fan of.

I changed into my clothes and realize that I don't have my class today which is amazing because I get to do whatever I want, until I have to go to work. I walk in the kitchen and I see a sticky note on the fridge I take it off and start reading it, it was for Mabel.

"Dipping sauce I'm not home right now because I went to hang out with the girls (including Gideon because at this point he's one of the girls.) I know that you don't like shopping and all that, so I didn't wake you up for you to go back to sleep. I'll be back soon From Mabel."
"I'm glad that you didn't wake me because I was comfy." I said.

I didn't want to spend my whole morning and partially a few hours of my afternoon in my apartment complex. I grab my shoes and decided to go out for my morning coffee, like I always do.

I barely saw people in the streets and today the weather was very warm, which I loved because it reminded me of California. I walked towards the coffee shop and had to wait for a little because people were their. No one was behind and that always confused me because the coffee here is great, but whenever I come no one seems to get behind. It's weird, but I'm not complaining.

I suddenly get a text from Pacifica and since I'm waiting, I'll answer.

What's up Pacifica?
Where are you?
May I ask why?
I saw this hoodie and I feel like that you'll love it, BUT I don't know if you'll "love it".
Just tell me or take of photo of how it looks like, then I'll give an opinion.
It had a cute little coffee cup on the front and it's so cute, it's this coconut color hoodie, the actual hood part has this little yellow crown on top just sticking out and on the back it says King.
I. Will. Pay. you if you get me that sweater.
I knew you were going to love it.
I love you so much❤
I love me too!
I'm gonna go buy it now, BYE~
Bye bye.

After that very important conversation I was up next. I see my favorite barista making a dull smile as I walk up.

"Hey Pinetree~"
"Hey Bill." I said.
"I think I know what my sapling wants." Bill said.
"Do you?" I said.
"Of course I do." Bill said.
"I'm craving something different today." I said.
"Really?" Bill said.
"A cold brew please." I said.
"Something bitter." Bill said.
"It's warm outside today and might as well." I said.
"I have to ask this because it's a part of my job, sugar or syrup." Bill asked.
"Do people really put that in a cold brew?" I said.
"Some." Bill said.
"I'm already sweet enough." I said
"You are. " Bill said.
"How much?" I asked.
"2.75" Bill said.
"Okay." I said.
"Are you in a rush today?" Bill asked.
"I've got all the time in world." I said.
"I'll make the brew and we can walk around." Bill said as he put the cash in the register.
"Don't you have work?" I said.
"I haven't taken my break yet, sooo." Bill said.
"I'll love that." I smiled.
"Okay. " Bill smiled.

I walked to the other counter and Bill winked at me while making a soft smile. I made a soft chuckle as I looked me.

"I'm going on break!" Bill shouted.
"Okay! " Someone shouted.

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