The best flirt

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Pov Bill

This whole week Will has been bothering me about so many things lately and that's getting annoying, I need to leave the apartment before he starts nagging again.

I have no idea where to go and theirs no point going out if I don't know where I'm going, life is hard right now.

"What can I do?" I mumbled.
"Fuck... " I said.

I texted the people in my friend group and they were all busy with stuff, everyone has something to do but me. Then I remember about my little coffee lover, Pinetree!

He's the sweetest thing ever because he's so fucking cute that it hurts, I mean cute in a friendly way of course. Ha.


I'm not sure if he's doing something this early in the morning, it's ten about to be eleven so I don't know if he's up.

Hey, what's up?
I wanted to know if you were free today?
I'm free for the moment, but sadly I have work at three.
That's cool, I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out for a while. I didn't know if you were up so I decided to text you instead of calling you.
I'll love to spend time with you, where should I meet you?
Meet me at the park like last time.
Be careful, I don't want you getting hurt like last time.
I'll be careful sapling, don't worry.
See you at the park gate.
You too.

I have to make sure I don't run into Gleeful because he's probably going to sucker punch me again, I can't believe I fell for that trick. I'm such a dumb ass for that.

I put on my shoes quickly and raced out before Will could see me, he's probably doing something related to work again. 

I'm still taking that sort cut because it'll take me fifteen extra minutes to get to the park if I take the regular way, I'm not wasting fifteen minutes of my life taking the regular way if theirs a faster way. 

I looked around to make sure Gideon wasn't near me or in my visual vision in general at all, I raced through the shopping center and I was early. YES! 

"I'm early." I smiled. 

Once I said that I felt someone hop on my back, I turned my head and see Pinetree with a smile on his face.

"Pinetree you didn't scare me." I said.
"I know." Pinetree said.
"That's cute." I said.
"Hehe." Pinetree smiled.
"You're so sort." I teased.
"I'm only two inches sorter than you!" Pinetree mumbled.
"Three." I said.
"Whatever!" Pinetree pouted.
"Just teasing you Sapling." I said.
"I like being sort, I have my advantages in life." Pinetree said.
"Alright, let's go." I said to Pinetree. 

Pinetree gets off my back and walks right next to me, it kind of looks like he just woke up in my opinion. I hope that I didn't wake him up because I didn't want to deal with Will's nonsense.  

"Pinetree did I wake you up?" I asked him.
"My sister woke me up because she's really loud, but I stood up late because I was doing something." Pinetree said.
"I'm only asking because you look like you just woke up." I said.
"I know, but I need coffee to wake myself up." Pinetree said.
"Then lets go, I know a coffee shop that's in the park." I said.
"Let's go." Pinetree said.

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