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Pov Bill

I still can't believe that this actually happened. I had slept with him... Now I'm dead if Sixer finds out. He's way too overprotective with Pinetree and Shooting star.

We made it official after our second round. I slept over for a few days and Pinetree couldn't exactly walk because of bad.

Pinetree was happy and smiling. I was happy too. It was amazing because Pinetree was happier in my eyes.

The look in his eyes was the same as the look when he gets good better than coffee.

It's so magical to me. I looked at Pinetree as he smiles at me. We're at the outlet just taking a small walk.

Well... We take long walks and call them short walks because why not. We also mess with people.

"How long have we've been walking?" Pinetree asked me.
"For two hours Pinetree." I said.
"It feels like we've been walking for a few minutes." Pinetree said.
"In a good way or bad way?" I asked.
"In a good way silly." Pinetree smiled.
"Just making sure." I said.
"So cute." I smiled while kissing his cheek.
"I hate when you do that." Pinetree turns into a flustered mess when I kiss his cheek.
"You just get all blushy when I kiss your cheek." I said.
"I don't know why... I just do." Pinetree said.
"Its just cute." I smiled.

I felt Pinetree's hands intertwine with mines. I held his hand back and I saw people looking at us.

Pinetree held my hand tighter as he placed his head on my shoulder. I see people giving us glares and some just smiling.

"P-Pinetree." I mumbled.
"Yes?" Pinetree answered.
"Do you feel weird or uncomfortable?" I asked him.
"No...Just ignore the people that want to hate on our love. They can go suck it." Pinetree said.
"Alright." I said.

We walked around some more until we wander into the city. I looked at Pinetree with a dull smile.

"Fags!" Someone yelled.

I was getting a little upset because people were yelling so many things at us. I mean rude things. I'm getting annoyed and I might snap.

I just want to kill every homophobic piece of shit in this world. Pinetree just smiled at each remark and I was confused as all hell.

Why isn't he reaching?
Why doesn't it feel like he's mad or at least annoyed?
At least a little?

"Bill calm down..." Pinetree said.
"It's just... What they're saying isn't right." I said.
"I know it isn't, but we have a choice to listen to them. I rather not listen to hate, I prefer to listen to love." Pinetree said.
"I'll listen to my love." I smiled.
"There you go." I said.

I never want to show my anger demon side to Pinetree. Pinetree is basically the only one who can calm me down.  

Its nice to have someone to do that. He's just everything I've ever wanted. We wondered into the mall and went to the empty part of it.

We both sat down and something felt weird to me. Pinetree head was on my shoulder as he looked down at my phone.

"I remember that..." Pinetree mumbeld.
"We went out of town together in my car. I barely use it because I'm always walking around with you." I said.
"We went to this amazing garden." Pinetree smiled.
"You were so happy when you saw the daisy's." I said.
"I just love the flowers." Pinetree smiled.
"When we saw each other at the bar... we were so drunk." I chuckled.
"Yeah..." Pinetree said.
"You know what I like about this photo..." I said.
"Why?" Pinetree asked me.
"It was just you and me before we were dating. We acted like a couple for a while... I was just afraid to ask you if you could be mine." I said.
"That's so sweet." Pinetree said.
"You're so cute." I said.

Pinetree gave me a soft peck and chuckled. My phone started to ring and I didn't pick it up.

"Shouldn't you pick up, what happens if it's important?" Pinetree said.
"It's not going to be important, plus if it's important then they'll call back later." I said.
"Didn't I say that?" Pinetree said.
"Yes." I said.

I held Pinetree's hand as I smiled at him, he placed his head on my shoulder as he smiled back. My phone rang again and Pinetree looked at me and I really didn't want to answer it because I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. 

"Answer the know it's important." Pinetree said.
"Fine..." I said.
"Thank you." Pinetree said after kissing my cheek.

I answered the phone and it was Pacifica? She never calls me unless something bad happened. I wonder why she's calling me? 

I need a favor!? Are you alone?
No, I'm with Pinetree.
Let me talk to the cinnamon bun.
Just put it on speaker instead.

I signed and put the phone on speaker. Pinetree was confused when I put it on speaker. I just noticed she put it on face time. 

Hey Dipper.
Hey Pacifica.
So why are you calling anyway?
I was wondering if you wanted to come to this special event that my dads having, well, I'm mainly having but whatever. 
I'm not sure either.
I feel like there's another reason why you're asking us to come, are you sure?
You can always tell Dipper, there is another reason...
Please tell me we don't have to do something stupid.
I promise it's nothing stupid this time.
I don't know if I should ask why?
Don't worry no one will be harmed, humiliated in any way. 
Tell us what we're getting into because I'm not agreeing until I know what I'm doing.
I need you two to act as a couple for a few hours because I promised a couple and I can't find a free couple for that night.

I looked at Pinetree and his face was a faint pink and it was so cute. Pinetree didn't know what to say, he still hasn't told Pacifica that were dating. Welp...

We'll be delighted too!
Thank you so much! I OWE YOU ONE, BYE.
I'll text you everything later.

Pacifica hanged up the phone and I looked at Pinetree, he looked so scared about this. Why is he so scared about this? We're actually dating!?

"Pinetree why are you scared?" I asked.
"I-I'm not scared...just worried." Pinetree mumbled.
"You shouldn't be worried." I said.
"What happens if she actually finds out that were dating." Pinetree said.
"She's gonna find out anyway-" Pinetree still didn't want his friends to know, he's always worried.
"Don't worry Pinetree they won't find out." I smiled.
"Okay..." Pinetree said.
"Alright now lets focuses on something else." I said.
"Okay." Pinetree said.

We just hanged out right where we were, I'm just begging that there's no alcohol because that's going to end up badly for me. 

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