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Pov Dipper

I looked around the living room to see Mabel talking to Candy or Grenda over the phone because I'm hearing high pitch squeals from the phone, it's getting on my nerves already. It's just I can here it from the other side of the room! I mean how high or how loud can they get? 

I'm not in a good mood for many reason today, everything is just hurting and Mabel keeps making jokes that I'm on a man period. I don't even know what that mean?! What the fuck is a man period?

I was curious and search it up and the only thing that popped up was fucking memes! I mean what the actual fuck!? This doesn't help my confusion about this, then I really thought about it. Mabel was thinking I've been moody for the last couple of days. 


I haven't been moody for the last couple of days, I've just been annoyed for the last couple days because of people. They just want to push my buttons! I mean people are just giving me a headache because of stupid reason. 

"Dipper!" Mabel shouted.
"I'm right here Mabel." I tried not to sound pissed off.
"Are you okay? You've seem grumpy lately." Mabel said.
"I'm just annoyed of people." I said.
"Why?" Mabel asked me.
"People are just pushing my buttons and giving a headache with the most stupidest thing." I said.
"That sucks." Mabel said.
"Aren't you talking to one of your best friends?" I asked.
"Candy had to go." Mabel said.
"Why were you guys doing high pitched screams." I asked.
"We were talking about a show that we were watching and it's getting really good and we just had to talk about the conflict." Mabel told me.
"I feel like it was more than that." I said.
"We were also talking about the love triangle in it too!" Mabel smiled.
"I don't believe you." I said.
"Fine.... Candy likes someone and doesn't know how to tell them." Mabel said.
"That feel better." I said.
"Why are you done with life?" Mabel asked me.
"I'm not done with life, I'm just done with certain people." I said.
"Those people are?" Mabel asked.
"I can't say names, but they're just annoying me to the point where I want to leave gravity falls." I said.
"Can you give me an example of these stupid things." Mabel asked me.
"I'm giving names because I can't explain it without their names involved." I said.
"Spill." Mabel said.

"I know she's my best friend and all but she's pushing me so hard, I mean of course I love her and everything it's just sometimes she gets on my nerves." I said.
"Why?" Mabel asked me.
"She's been asking me about the barista and who he is, you've stopped bugging me about it but I know you're still curious. At least you stopped talking about it with me." I said.
"I'm still curious about who he is, but when I go back to the coffee shop he's not there." Mabel pouted.
"You stopped coming with me to the coffee shop because Candy and Grenda are dragging you to random places." I said.
"That's not the reason I stopped coming to the coffee shop, we walk around the park and sometimes I see really cute guys and girls..." Mabel mumbled.
"Really Mabel? Your checking out people." I said.
"Hey....I have my right, I least I'm not cat calling like most guys do because I've never seen or heard of a female cat calling someone." Mabel said.
"That's true, I've never heard of that before." I said. 

(Tbh I've actually never heard of a female cat calling someone, if you know or heard of a female cat calling then good job.) 

"Some guys don't have class." Mabel said.
"I know and it's annoying." I said.
"You've been cat called?" Mabel asked me.
"High school when people figured out that I was gay, the openly gay people kept doing it and it felt weird." I said.
"Gross." Mabel said.
"Then people get way too touchy and that's when things get uncomfortable." I said.
"I've slapped guys for that loads of times and especially at the night club we go to every Friday night." Mabel said.
"You guys go every Friday night, I go sometimes because I get tried easily and I like sleeping in with out a massive hangover from regrets." I said.
"Pacifica is just worried about you Dipdip, I mean I worry about you a lot because sometimes people use you and that's not right." Mabel said.
"I know, but I always figure them out before it's too late." I said.
"That's true." Mabel said.
"I know she worries about me, but I'm not a kid anymore." I said.
"Pacifica does know everyone to a serious level and sometimes it scares me." Mabel told me.
"That's my other point as well, what if she's on bad terms with him?" I mumbled.
"She's probably going to give you reasons not to hang out with them." Mabel said.
"She's going to do worse." I said.
"Maybe you should talk to her?" Mabel asked.
"That's a bad idea on so many levels." I said.
"Why she'll understand." Mabel said.
"You don't noticed things Mabel." I said.
"What do you mean?" Mabel asked me.
"I haven't been talking to her lately and if I tell her that, she's going to get mad at me." I said.

"She won't be mad." Mabel said.
"Mabel if you stopped talking to Candy or Grenda wouldn't they be upset when you told them to claim the fuck down about something." I said.
"Yeah..." Mabel said.
"I've been talking to her, but it isn't those long conversions that we used to you know." I said.
"Yeah, those paragraphs." Mabel said.
"Yeah." I said.
"Let's stop talking about Pacifica and move on to someone else." Mabel suggest.
"Yeah." I said.
"Who else has been annoying you?" Mabel asked.
"Gideon." I said.
"Why is that?" Mabel asked me.
"He's been bragging to me that he's fought so many people and I'm getting annoyed of that, it's like he still lives in high school. Where it was a big deal that you've fought people and suddenly you're loved by everyone." I said.
"I hate Gideon for that sometimes, but he's a really good fashion buddy." Mabel smiled at the end.
"That's great Mabel, but you know me and fighting." I said.
"You hate it with an undying passion." Mabel said.
"Yeah! I mean I feel like it's wrong to fight for no reason like Gideon was doing." I said.
"What else has been getting on your nerves?" Mabel asked me.
"People doing or saying very stupid things." I said.
"Yeah that can piss me off too, but sometimes it's funny." Mabel said.
"Their's a difference between stupid funny and annoying as hell stupid." I said.
"There is?" Mabel asked me.
"Yeah." I said.
"Well maybe you're just overthinking things!" Mabel smiled.
"Maybe I am." I said.
"You usually do that a lot and you end up being grumpy." Mabel said.
"Really?" I asked.
"YEAH! During really important test you would over think a lot and then once you finish you're all mad and worried." Mabel said.
"Maybe you're right Mabel, I must have been over thinking things after all." I said.
"See! You're happy now, I would always have to remind you that everything was just you overthinking making you happy right after." Mabel said.
"Thanks Mabel, maybe I was overthinking about everything." I said.
"I'm always right." Mabel said.
"Not always." I said.
"That's true." Mabel said.
"At least you're making me feel better." I said.
"You overthink too much Dipper, that's why you worry and or become the king of grumpiness." Mabel said.
"Thanks Mabel." I said.

Sorry for short chapter.

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