Different Shop

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Pov Dipper

Mabel has been annoying me lately and it's getting very annoying, she's been coming up with random things why I've been leaving the apartment. Mabel keeps asking me if I'm doing something bad like making or selling drugs, I don't like telling her what I'm doing.... Wait... Nevermind it kind of does sound like I'm doing something bad.

WELL. Mabel should know me better because she knows that I would never do any of that, I don't like or want to get involved in that type of stuff. I'm smart and now what's stupid and what's not.

I don't want to tell Mabel the truth that I've been spending more time with Bill then my own sister and best friend.

Pacifica asked me the same question, I just told her that I've been busy lately because of my personal reasons. She still asked me if I was going drugs....

I'm keeping this friendship a secret no matter what!

I mean I have my reasons, but I feel like their going to find out soon. I remember Gideon bring up someone that he punched across the face, I nagged him for hurting people because it's wrong.

Only if you have a good reason to hurt them then I'll be okay with it but Gideon just hated the guy, that's not a good reason to hit someone.

It's Thursday! I've been hanging out with Bill a lot it's been really fun and it's great because he's really fun, I know I've been thinking about that a lot but I can't stop thinking about the fun things we do with each other.

I was sitting on my bed because I didn't want to go to the living room and wait for Mabel to get ready, I'm just playing with Snapchat filters.

Mabel flings the door open and it scared the shit out of me, I look at her and she giggles because of the facial expression that I made.

"What the fuck Mabel!? Could you knock?" I said.
"You know it's me, but we're leaving early." Mabel said.
"Why, but I swear if we skip my morning coffee you'll see a different side of me that you won't like." I said.
"I know how you're like when you don't drink your coffee." Mabel said.
"Let's just go!" Mabel said pulling my arm.
"GAH! I'm coming." I said.

Mabel and I raced out of our place, she was dragging me somewhere and I didn't know where. I stopped her and Mabel looks at me with a confused face, I don't know why she's confused because I'm the one that doesn't know where they go.

"Mabel where are we going?" I asked.
"Oops, did I forget to tell you?" Mabel chuckled.
"Yes." I said.
"Candy told me about this other coffee shop that's downtown." Mabel told me.
"Cool." I said.
"You don't sound excited." Mabel said crossing her arms.
"I-I'm excited about the new shop and all, but I kind of have this retinue of going to a certain shop to get my coffee." I said.
"Come on Dipper! Candy said that it's really good and said that he might be better." Mabel said.
"I'll be the judge of that." I said.
"Let's go! It's actually close to the school so it's good." Mabel said.
"What's the place called anyway?" I asked.

"It's call Wide awake cafe." Mabel said.

Mabel shows me a few pictures of the place and it looks a lot like The Cave, she tells me that these two are complete different places.

I look at my phone and then look at the reviews of the place and they were all amazing, their was one bad review and it was straight out harsh.

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