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Pov Bill

I looked at everyone with a pissed off look, why would they follow me? What's their fucking problem? I mean I don't do this shit with them. 

"Why were you guys thinking?" I said.
"It was just weird that you decided to do your other thing then hang out with us, I mean you would usually ditch them." Paci-fire said.
"What's wrong with me hanging out with someone else." I asked them.
"Nothing!" They all said.
"Sure..." I said.
"We just felt like it was weird." Keyhole said.
"Me hanging out with other people?" I said.
"Yeah..." They all said.
"This is an invasion of privacy." I said.
"No, it isn't." Pyroncia mumbled.
"YES, IT IS!" I shouted.
"No, it's not because we know you." Eight-ball said.
"This isn't cool guys, I mean seriously." I said.
"We didn't mean too, we just wanted to know if your safe or not." Will said to me.
"Why do you think it was a good idea to follow me? I mean you could have called to check up on me but following me? You guys are such fucking idiots sometimes." I said.
"We were just curious." Eight-ball mumbled.
"We knew that you wouldn't want to tell us who you were going to hang out with." Paci-fire said.
"You always give us nicknames and those don't help." Keyhole said.
"Instead of stalking you on your social media, we followed you." Will said.
"When we all say it out loud, it doesn't sound like a good idea." Pyroncia said.
"You think?" I said.
"What did you guys think I was doing?" I asked right after.
"Fight Club." Keyhole and Paci-fire said.
"Drugs..." Will and Eight-ball said.
"I don't really know." Pyronica said.
"What the actual fuck?" I shouted.

I looked at all of them in pure disappointment. Where did they get drugs and fight club from? I mean really? 

"You guys are so fucking stupid." I said trying not to sound pissed. Keywork trying.
"We didn't mean for you to catch us." Will said.

"You guys are bad at spying at me, I only knew it was you guys because of Will and Pyronica's hair. IT'S BRIGHT AS ALL HELL." I said making gestures at their hair.
"Mean." Will and Pyronica said.
"It's true." The rest agreed.
"I can't even say how mad I am at you gu-" 

From the corner of my eye I saw Pinetree, he was slowly freaking out even if it wasn't noticeable. Did something happen to Pinetree when I was gone? SHIT! 

"I-I'll be right back."

Pov Dipper

Bill left and I was alone now, I looked around and stood their awkwardly. Not my best choice.

"Should I go look for him?" I mumbled to myself.
"No... I'll sound like that one clingy friend." I muttered.
"Maybe I wasn't interested enough, maybe I was too playful, m-maybe I was boring, m-maybe I pissed him off somehow."

I started to overthink about things and it started to panic a little. What's happening to me?

"Calm down Dipper." I said.
"What the actual fuck?" I jumped when I heard him shout.

I started to walk towards the sound of his voice and then stopped. I decided to go back to the place I was.

I felt someone grab my wrist and I quickly pulled away. I looked up and I saw Bill.

"Pinetree are you okay?" Bill asked me.
"I-I'm s-sorry I-"
"I saw you and you looked freaked out about something." Bill told me.
"I didn't mean to leave out of the blue, I had to deal with something." Bill said looking somewhat pissed off.
"I-I didn't mean too,  I-" What's wrong with me?
"Pinetree calm down." Bill softly said.
"I-I didn't mean to make you mad..." I mumbled.
"Why would you think that?" Bill asked me.
"I-I just..." I couldn't speak.
"Pinetree are you okay? You usually don't act like this." Bill told me.
"I-I was just overthinking...sorry." I said.
"No, it's not your fault. My friends followed me and I was pissed off because it was unlike them to do that and because it's kind of weird." Bill said.
"Okay...I was just worried that I did something wrong because it was just all of a sudden." I said.
"You did nothing wrong Pinetree, you have to stop worrying." Bill said.
"O-Okay." I mumbled.
"Damn it..." Bill muttered.
"What?" I said.

I saw Pyroncia come out of nowhere and that honestly made me a little happy, I mean I already a little happy because Bill came back. I had this natural reaction of moving closer to Bill.

"Hey, Dipper!" Pyronica cheerfully said.
"H-Hey Pyronica." I mumbled.
"You know each other?" Bill said while looking complete shocked.
"Yeah!" Pyronica said.
"Don't be mad, but I went to her coffee shop because of my sister." I said.
"I feel offended." Bill said.
"It was just once." I muttered.
"He's so fucking adorable." Pyroncia said. 

I don't know how to react to things anymore, please help me. 

"Pinetree?" Bill mumbled.

"Wait...he's Pinetree? That makes way more sense now." Pyronica said.

"W-What?" I said looking at Bill.
"No, No, No, No, It's nothing bad Sapling." Bill said slightly panicking at her words.
"Awe~ Bill you have two nicknames for him." Pyronica said.
"I-Is anyone else you know here?" I asked Bill said.
"Um..yeah they kind of followed us." Bill said.
"I promise we're not stalkers." Pyronica said. 

I started to laugh when she said that, I don't know why I found that funny. I guess it sounds so iconic when Pyronica said that. 

"So cute." Pyronica said.
"What's so funny?" Bill asked me.
"It sounds so iconic when she said that." I smiled.
"Really?" Pyronica said.
"Yeah." I said.
"It kind of does." Bill said.
"Are they hiding?" I asked them.
"Yeah, but they stuck at it." Pyronica pointing.
"And our day together got interesting." Bill said looking at me.
"It sure did." I said.

I see four males and Pyronica moves to the other side of me, I look at her and smile. Pyronica cups my cheeks and smiled at me.

"You are the cutest human being ever." Pyronica said.
"You tell me that everytime you see or text me." I said.
"I know but it needs to be said." Pyronica said.

"Can you let go of my face now?" I asked politely.
"Alright." Pyronica said.

They all look at me but I get this "Fear me" vibe off of three of them, the one that looks like Bill is this friendly vibe. 

"You might have seen him, but this is Pinetree." Bill said.
"So this is the person you kept talking about when you were drunk as all hell." Will said.
"W-What?" I said.
"No, No, No, No, it was nothing bad I swear." Bill said.
"Trust me...no bad things were said." The male with the bright blue hair said.
"I've actually heard a lot about you because of the two of them." I mumbled.
"So many stories were told." Pyronica said.
"I think I can guess names." I said.
"I'm curious now." The male with the olive green hair said.
"You must be Will because you look a lot like Bill." I said looking at him.
"You must be Eight-ball because I've heard a lot about your signature symbol." I said.
"Keyhole because of the story that Pyronica told me, she gave me a full description of you." I said.
"Paci-fire because of the pitch black hair." I mumbled. 
"He's right." Eight-ball said.
"You were so much talkive when you were at our coffee shop." Will said.
"It depends on the situation." I said.
"You're a regular in our coffee shop." Keyhole told me.
"Yeah." I said.
"We got a nine and a half on his book." Pyronica said proudly.
"We got a ten." Bill smiled.
"I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!" Pyronica said.
"There's a scoring system?" Paci-fire said.
"He's big in the coffee world on Instagram." Will said.
"And we only know this because of Pyronica." Eight-ball said.
"I still owe her a cupcake." Will groaned.
"Where is it anyway?" Pyronica said.

Pyroncia, Will, Paci-fire, Eight-ball, and Keyhole left after the cupcake was brought up. I looked at Bill and he was confused as all hell about the cupcake. 

"Did they all leave once a cupcake was brought up?" Bill asked me.

"Yeah." I said."That was weird." Bill said."It kind of was." I said.
"Did you really go to her coffee shop?" Bill asked me again.
"Yeah, but it was only one time." I said.
"I still feel hurt." Bill said.
"Don't be, I'll always go to yours no matter what." I said.
"I'm going to give write you a cipher on the coffee cup so you'll have a hard time trying to read it." Bill said.
"I love ciphers." I smiled.

I see a faint blush on Bill's face after I said that. I made a soft chuckle and smiled. 

Today was great.

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