Y-You care?

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Pov Dipper

I looked at the wall that was across from the Tv and made a soft sigh, I was doing nothing at this point because I finished everything that I was supposed to do in my courses. 

I looked at my phone for a while then back at the wall because nothing was still going on, damn what am I going to do today? I got up from the couch and went to the kitchen to get a snack, I opened the fridge and took out something random. I grabbed the box of strawberries and started to eat some on my way back to the couch.

Once I sat down I got a phone call from Mabel. I answered the phone and placed it on speaker, I kept hearing background noise well it was mainly laughter. 

Dipper what are you doing like, right now?
Just eating strawberries.
Okay, I was just bored and I needed to talk to someone.
Where are you anyway? You never told me because you were in a hurry.
Oh yeah! I'm with Candy and Grenda right now, they're doing something and they wanted to come long for support. 
So they never told you uh?
It's just something about their dream jobs, I think they got an interview and they need me in case they didn't get it. I'm just here to cheer them up in case the bad things happen. 
That's sweet of you, but isn't it early I mean they haven't even finished college?
It's like an internship thingy.
Ah, That makes more sense.
So how long have you been there? 
For two hours and I think, I think it's about to be over soon because I know it doesn't take that long for an interview. 
I don't really know how long it usually takes Mabel, it actually depends on the position and the type of internship that they're trying to get.
Oh gonna go! I see Candy and Grenda, they look sad. I better start looking for ice cream places.
Good luck sis.
Bye bye, Dippy!

Mabel quickly hung up on me once she said goodbye to me, I turned off my phone and decided to watch some Tv while I figure out what I could do today. I was browsing through the channels and picked a random movie to watch. 

While I was skimming and this horror movie came up and I changed it. I don't like horror movies, I never will because I get scared easily and I don't like jump scares. 

Almost all horror movies, well, mainly all horror movies are mainly filled with jump scares and I can't handle those. I hate them with a large passion because of those fucking jump scares, I'm a baby when it comes to blood and those type of things as well. 

I know that it's fake but it still scares me, well blood not that often it just depends on the context but people get the point. I just can't handle them... 

I searched through the channels and finally found a movie that I think I could enjoy, I was right because it was an action movie.  

This might be fun. 

Time Skip

After two hours and a half, the movie was finishing and it wasn't a bad movie in my opinion but I felt like the ending was rushed in a way. I mean the movie was great but the ending was just so bad that it hurt my soul.

I guess my other day off will be me watching movies again, I guess it's not that bad because it's Wednesday afternoon instead of the weekend. I got up from the couch to throw away my scraps into the trashcan. 

Soon after that, the Tv played another movie but this time it was a comedy which I was happy about. I hugged the pillow and started to watch the movie, I looked at my phone for one second and it started to ring.

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