Almost finding out.

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Pov Dipper

I just love spending time with him and it's amazing because he's really fun, I mean don't get me wrong Mabel's friends are amazing but sometimes they're never interested in what I want to do.

Pacifica is my best friend! We get mistaken as a couple sometimes but we both laugh and say "We're both gay." I mean Pacifica is a lesbian and she came out to me, I was honored!

I tell her everything and she tells me everything but sometimes some things are meant to keep secret, I don't want something bad to happen because she hates someone.

Pacifica is like another older sister to me because she's over protective of me, but it's not fun being the baby in the group. I'm always the baby and it's annoying, they always treat me like I'm not an adult.

"Americano!" Pacifica shouted.
"S-Sorry, what's up?" I said.
"You've been staring into face this whole time, I wasn't sure if you were deep thinking or just ignoring us." Pacifica said.
"Both." I honestly said.
"Meanie." Pacifica said.
"Sorry... " I said.
"Are you upset about something?" Pacifica asked me.
"No.... Just in a bad mood." I said.
"Did someone say something to you?" Pacifica asked.
"It's just a thought." I said.
"Let's go somewhere fun!" Pacifica smiled.
"Alright." I said.

We were at her house just hanging out until she decided that we should leave her place and go somewhere fun, well fun to her.

Pacifica and I walked to the outlet, she starts taking me into stores. I mean I know I went shopping with Bill a few weeks ago, but we were fooling around and doing stupid things while shopping.

He made things fun.

After the stores Pacifica and I went to end something. Pacifica saw one of her long time friends and told me that she'll be right back.

I was sitting down looking at my phone, I looked at my Instagram and saw so many cool things. I should probably take a trip soon, maybe with someone that isn't family.

"Pinetree?" Bill?
"Hey Bill." I smiled.
"I never knew you were here." Bill said.
"Same." I said while standing up.
"Are you here alone?" Bill asked me.
"I'm here with a friend, but she left so...." I said.
"I saw you and I just had to come over and say hey." Bill said.
"Really?" I said while raising my eye brow.
"Their annoying me and you were my escape." Bill said.
"Wanna walk around?" I asked.
"Let's go before one of our friends notices." Bill said.
"Let's." I smiled.

Bill and I sneaked out of the food court, it was funny because he also tripped twice. Small chuckles escape my mouth, Bill looks at me and smiles.

"Let's go have fun!" I smiled.
"Alright sapling." Bill smiled.

We both raced off and started to fool around. We went to the fountain and I claimed on, I was walking long the edge.

"Pinetree don't fall in." Bill said walking aside me.
"Stop worrying silly, I won't fall in." I said.
"Well, just because you say it doesn't mean it'll happen." Bill said.
"Stop worrying, I'll be fine." I smiled.
"Pinetree." Bill said.

I playfully stick out my tongue at him.

"Classic." Bill said.
"I'm just having some fun." I said.

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