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Pov Dipper 

I'm sitting in the kitchen table doing the assignment that Ford told me to do for a few missing points I was missing (I'm basically done), Ford also told me that I have to start paying attention more. This has been happening a lot because I have so many things in my mind, but it's nothing bad!

"Dippy?" Mabel softly said.
"What's up Mabel?" I said
"Can we talk for a little?" Mabel asked me.
"Sure." I said.

I wrote down one more thing and put my papers away before walking towards Mabel, she had a piece of paper in her hands.

"What's up Mabel." I said.
"You got this letter from the college in California." Mabel said.
"Oh... Throw it away Mabel, I applied to the college here and their because I got scared that I wasn't going to get expected." I said.
"Can we open it? I'm really curious about it." Mabel said.
"It's probably going to say that I didn't make it in, but sure." I said.
"YEAH!" Mabel cheered.

Mabel opened the letter and she took out the paper and opened it, it was an acceptance letter and I really didn't care.

"You got acceptances!?" Mabel said.
"I don't really care actually, I'm happy at this college." I said.
"Oh well." Mabel said.
"Wanna go out?" I asked her.
"Sure, I'm bored." Mabel said.

Mabel and I put on our shoes and left the apartment, we raced down the stairs and walked around.

Mabel said she knew this hangout spot because people from her other classes talk about it a lot, I wasn't quite sure about this but we had nothing to do so why not.

"So what's this place again?" I asked Mabel.
"Well, Rebbecca told me that a lot of people our age go their and it's just to meet new people and chill." Mabel told me.
"So it's just a little hang out spot?" I questioned.
"Yeah! They have this live mic thing too, just random people playing music and other things." Mabel said.
"That kind of sounds nice." I smiled.
"They have this community board too! They have everything their from Instagram user to contest." Mabel said.
"What's this place called anyway?" I asked.
"Cave." Mabel answered.
"Alright." I said.
"We're here!" Mabel smiled.

It was a large place and it had a small pride flag hanging down, I was happy that this was a safe place.

We walked inside the place and it was so life like, their was so much music and random conversation. Mabel and I sat near the stage they had for people that wanted to play their music.

"Dipper this place is magical!" Mabel squealed.
"It's really nice." I said.
"Let's go check the place out! I mean we've only seen a bit of the place, lets the board!" Mabel couldn't keep her excitement to self.
"Let's go." I smiled.

Mabel and I wander around the place and I saw so many coffee based things around me, I was sooo happy.

"I love these coffee based things." I smiled.
"Of course you do." Mabel said.
"This place reminds me of California." I said.
"It kind of does." Mabel said.
"It feel nice." I said.

Everyone was surrounded this table and we decided to check it out, it was this contest?

"Since you two are fighting over who gets to dance with her, you'll drink the sweetest thing we've made in the back. Who ever drinks the most wins!" Someone said.
"It's on." He smiled.
"Bet." The other male said.
"This could be interesting." The female said.
"I want to see how this turns out." I said.

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