Movie time

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Pov Bill

"Bill have you seen my hard drive? I don't remember where I put it and I need it today for a project." Will asked me.
"Its Saturday you don't have classes." I said.
"I have to turn in my hard drive today to Ford." Will said.
"We don't have any project due with Ford." I said.
"Remember when I couldn't make it to class during a test?" Will said.
"Yeah..." I said.
"Since I didn't study for the test he gave me a choice to make a mini project or do the test and possibly fail." Will said.
"I haven't seen your hard drive, but if I have to guess it'll probably be in your room in your special hiding spot." I said.
"How do you know about my hiding spot?" Will asked.
"Because I know it and you should really think of a better hiding spot. I mean I found everything so quick." I said.
"Would you stop going through my stuff and thank you for helping me." Will said.
"No problem and you look through my stuff too so we're even." I said.
"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere? You were talking about it all night to me but you never told me where you were going." Will said.
"Fuck I'm late!" I said jumping off the couch.
"I'll take that as a no you're not going to tell me." Will said.
"Right again." I smiled.
"You're going to hang out with Dipper again, aren't you?" Will said.
"Yes...." I mumbled.
"I swear there's something going on between you two." Will said.
"It's just two dudes hanging out." I said.
"Two gay dudes." Will said.
"Shut the fuck up." I said.
"Just don't do anything stupid." Will said.
"I'm not going to do anything stupid." I said.
"Alright..." Will said.

I left the apartment and raced downstairs. When I officially got outside I started to bolt to his apartment because I am an hour late.

Thank God he reminded me before I completely forgot because I don't want to be a dick to Pinetree, especially ditching him when we were supposed to hang out.

I took a few shortcuts and I ended up tripping over my own two feet while running. This is what I get for being late I end up being clumsy and making myself even more later.

I hope Pinetree forgot about this too, or else I'm just a sucky friend. After a few minutes of running I finally got to his place and I start to regain my breath before knocking on his door.

I finally knocked on the door and heard.


I waited and saw the door knob turn. I realized that I wasn't mental prepared for anything.

"Hey Bill." Pinetree smiled.
"H-Hey Pinetree" I said.
"You're actually on time." Pinetree said.
"I am?" I said.
"You are." Pinetree said.
"Well I didn't want to be late." I said.
"Come in..." Pinetree said.

We both walked in and Pinetree smiled at me. His black sweatshirt said "Fuck off" and it was a little to big for him because the right side of his collar was up to his shoulder.

"Can you lock the door?" Pinetree asked.
"Sure." I said.

I locked the door and sat on the couch. Pinetree sat next to me and made a dull smile.

"You can pick the movie, since I always pick what were gonna do." Pinetree said.
"Anything?" I asked.
"Yeah." Pinetree said.
"Alright." I smiled.

I looked at him as he realised the sudden regret from his decision.  I picked out a movie that I knew he was going to love, I think in might opinion. I don't know what he likes in movies.

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