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Pov Dipper

I walked home it didn't take that long to get home because I found a short cut and it was really quick. When I made it to my house and I quickly opened the door, Mabel was sitting on the couch with her phone. 


She's not drunk?

This isn't possible, right? 

I can't believe she's sober or maybe she's half drunk, I'm hoping it's that as well.

"Thank god she's drunk." I mumbled.
"Where were you~" Mabel asked.
"Let's go to bed Mabel." I said.
"Yes Mabel." I said.
"I don't wanna sleep~" She pouted.
"Come on drunko, let's go." I said.
"I'm not a drunky~" Mabel told me.
"Come on." I said.
"No~" Mabel mumbled.
"Tomorrow you can have anything sweet because that helps with hangover." I said.
"I wanna cookie~" Mabel said.
"You'll get it tomorrow." I said.
"YAY~" Mabel cheered.

I helped her up because she couldn't stand, I just kept telling her that she needs to stop drinking too much because it's going to mess up her liver. 

"Who's Bill~"
"Why do you know that name." I asked her.
"I was looking through your room silly~" 
"Why was that?" I asked.
"I was looking for sponge-bob silly~" 

I wanted to laugh because she was using a cartoon character as a valid reason for looking through my things. 

"Why was sponge bob in my room?" I said trying to control my laughter.
"Because his Pineapple was in there, duh~" 
"Wouldn't it be in the kitchen?" I said.
"That's what he wants you to think~" 
"Why is that?" I asked.
"Because he's smart, he wants you to think he's in the kitchen~" Mabel told me.
"Why isn't he in the kitchen?" I asked.
"Because..... water is there~" 
"Doesn't he need water to survive?" I asked.
"That's what they want you to think bro~" 
"We're here, now let's go to bed." I said.
"I'm gonna find him one day~" 
"Alright." I said.
"Night night...." Mabel mumbled.

She quickly fell asleep and once I closed the door I started to laugh, I couldn't help it. Mabel is hilarious when she's drunk, but I really have to make sure Mabel doesn't find any more things about Bill. 

Time Skip

I woke up and Mabel was laying on the couch groaning for the many reason I know of because of her drunkness, I didn't drink as much so HA!

"Dipper I regret life." Mabel said.
"I'm sorry that you drank so much." I said.
"Where did you go anyway? I know you were runaway Dipper that night." Mabel said.
"I saw a friend and we both ditched our group of friends." I said.
"Thank god you left because a whole bar fight happened." Mabel told me.
"Thank god we left." I said.
"So who was this friend?" Mabel asked.
"I'm not telling you." I said 
"Why not?" Mabel said.
"Because I'm not." I said.
"Please?" Mabel said.
"When pigs fly." I said.
"I can make that happen!" Mabel shouted and then regretting that choice later.
"Fine...." Mabel said.
"I'll tell you soon Mabel." I said.
"Alright." Mabel said.
"I'm gonna go buy you sweets, ginger and kiwi." I said.
"Why ginger, sweets, kiwi?" Mabel said.
"Those apparently helps with hangovers." I said.
"Okay, thanks Dipper." Mabel said. 
"Alright." I smiled.

I walked to the store and grabbed the things that could possibly help Mabel with this whole hangover. I grabbed a bit extra to make a little care package for Bill because he's probably having it too. 

I walked to the dollar store to buy a little card and a pen to write a little message on it. I placed the things for Bill in a different bag than Mabel's. Once I did what I had to do I remembered where he lived and left the little gift, I knocked twice and ran away because I needed to get home to Mabel. 

When I got home Mabel was drinking water and looking at the ground while looking at her phone. I smiled at her and she smiled at me, she was still confused about the things that I brought but I told her that the internet told me these were the things to help hangovers.   

Pov Bill

When I went home I was full on drunk and for once Will didn't come home late because he would have been home way later. Will didn't want to deal with me at night and told me to go to bed before I did something stupid. 

The morning wasn't fun because I had a huge hangover when I woke up, I went into the living room and saw Will getting ready to go to work. He looked at me in pure annoyance as he saw me sat down, I looked at him and he sighed.

"Where were you? I couldn't find you anywhere!?" Will half shouted.
"Please don't yell." I said.
"I'm sorry that I was worried!?" He continues to shout, great.
"Stop shouting." I said.
"Where were you? One minute you were right next to Eight-ball and Paci-fire then the next second you're gone." Will said.
"I didn't mean to wonder full." I said.
"Me and a half sober Pyronica were looking for you in the bar." Will said.
"I saw a friend and we kind of ditched our friends at the bar." I mumbled.
"You dick! I was worried and we ended up leaving slightly early because of many reason but you were one of the reasons." Will said.
"I'm sorry, I was way more drunk than they were." I said.

Will kept nagging at me about this whole me leaving the group because he was worried because I would usually stay in the group instead of running off. Will wasn't making my hangover any better because he was just shouting the whole time. 

Why is he annoying me so much?! 

I mean I know I ran off but it's not a big deal, I mean was with someone so it isn't that bad because I didn't get hurt at all. I kept ignoring him because of the huge headache that I had, I want him to stop yelling.

"Are you even listening!?" Will shouted.
"NO WILL!" I shouted back.
"You're so stupid for leaving the group!" Will groaned.
"I saw a friend and it kind of happened." I said.
"That doesn't mean you should leave." Will said.
"I couldn't help it." I mumbled.
"Who is Sapling anyway? You were talking about how great this person was and how they're so wonderful, you were smiling too." Will said.
"They're no one." I said.

I'm so stupid when I'm drunk, I don't want them to know about Pinetree because there going to make it a big deal about it. I don't want that right now. 

"Really?" Will said raising his eye brow.
"Yeah..." I mumbled.
"I'm gonna figure out who they are." Will said.
"It's no one Will." I said.
"Then way are you trying to stop me?" Will said.
"I'm not, I'm just telling you that you shouldn't worry because they're not real and I was drunk." I said.
"Don't play your mind tricks on me." Will told.
"What mind tricks?" I said.

"GAH!" Will shouted.
"Will stop shouting." I said.
"Sorry, but I'm going to find out the person." Will said.
"Good luck finding a person that doesn't exist." I said.
"SHUT UP!" Will shouted after closing the door. 

I made a soft chuckle but that was a bad idea because my head started to hurt even more, I hate hangovers with a dying passion. I my magic could help with this but it makes it worse.

After a few minutes later I heard a soft knock on the door, I got up to answer but no one was there. I looked down and saw a little bag full of random things. I picked it up and there was a card inside it. 

I closed the door and opened the card that was inside, I went over to the couch and read it there. 

"I know you have a huge hangover so I though these things could help, I got it from the internet so don't be surprise if they somewhat work. Get some extra sleep as well, it could also help.  I hope you have a great day." 
"Pinetree is adorable." I mumbled.

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