Master | Pennywise X Reader(16+) by Invisible0521
Master | Pennywise X Reader(16+)by Invisible0521
"Hushhhh-h-hh, babydoll" a mixture of blood and saliva dripped on my collarbone and ran down my cleavage. I trembled and sobbed, "Please-" I muffled...
  • sewer
  • clown
  • sexual
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BillDip: Beauty and the Dream Demon by GriffinGirlElizabeth
BillDip: Beauty and the Dream Demonby GriffinGirlElizabeth
Dipper and Mabel, now seventeen years old, have decided to stay in Gravity Falls with Stan and Ford. Dipper is still the same, a big geek and a bookworm, and Mabel is st...
  • romance
  • dipper
  • forthwall
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A Code to DeCipher (BillDip) by SilverWolfATW
A Code to DeCipher (BillDip)by The Silver Wolf
Book 1 in a 3 Book series... Dipper and Mabel Pines are back in Gravity Falls for another summer. They may be sixteen, but the thrill of the mystery is still there! For...
  • dipper
  • gravityfalls
  • billdip
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Billdip oneshot  by ErroR_MaN_CHilD
Billdip oneshot by ErroR_MaN_CHilD
one shots of billdip //TAKING REQUEST// fluff more fluff And sometimes smut
  • fanfiction
  • funny
  • bill
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I Wanna Try That(BillDip) by Troubled_writer_
I Wanna Try That(BillDip)by written words are the soul
  • billcipher
  • bill
  • dipper
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Not My Type...     || Richie x Reader||  by olAf_mispronounced
Not My Type... || Richie x wyatt_olAf ☃
this contains -Cursing -Sexual Jokes -alittle bit of smut -Sexual harassment and other shit like that. If u dont like any of this then stop reading. simple as that. #...
  • finn
  • itcast
  • losersclub
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Run (Reader X Bill Cipher) by Alexandra_The_Swift
Run (Reader X Bill Cipher)by Galaxy Cloud (=ヮ=)೨
{OLD BOOK OF MINE, I'M FIXING GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES} "You're going to Gravity Falls, no buts." "WHAT?" That's what YOU think, apparently you're going...
  • billcipherxreader
  • caps
  • ice
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Requests are {Open}
  • henrybowers
  • bill
  • belchhuggins
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Hidden Secrets {Bill Weasley} *WATTYS 2018* by IzzyBella3
Hidden Secrets {Bill Weasley} * Izzy
Harley Lupin is a curse-breaker working for Gringotts bank in Egypt. After many years, a boy- or should I say- man, she went to school with get's transferred from the ba...
  • hogwarts
  • egypt
  • weasley
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Wrong Number//Reddie by ImTrashLOLidk
Wrong Number//Reddieby Stella the stupid
In which Richie was given a fake number. Eddie-15 Richie-16 Beverly-16 Stan-16 Ben-15 Bill-16 Mike-16 (This was supposed to be a text fic and it was a text fic in the be...
  • reddie
  • richie
  • bill
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'39 [Stanley Uris] by TozIErtrAsH
'39 [Stanley Uris]by .Ally Sanchez.
"Don't you hear my call though you're many years away?" An it fanfic about how things would've gone if Georgie never die...
  • ben
  • romance
  • marsh
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love ; bill denbrough by -denbrough
love ; bill denbroughby abe froman
"they're in love and of course, everyone sees it but them." "beep beep, richie."
  • ít
  • denbrough
  • wolfhard
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Bill Skarsgård Imagines by skarsgardgotmelike
Bill Skarsgård Imaginesby skarsgardgotmelike
I write stories featuring Bill. Mind you, he's simply my muse. Reached #134 in FANFICTION and #1 in the Bill Skarsgard tag.
  • deadpool2
  • romangodfrey
  • axelcluney
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It Imagines (Requests Are Closed) by Radsavagee
It Imagines (Requests Are Closed)by Allygator ?
"We all float down here," You guess it. It's one of those IT Imagines book. Requests are closed! #275 Fanfiction 06/01/18 #233 Fanfiction 09/01/18 #215 Fanfic...
  • billskarsgard
  • eddiekasbrak
  • ít
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Oak Tree | BillDip by hawkfrost_swag
Oak Tree | BillDipby sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡsɪɴɢᴇʀ
"Eeny!" Pine tree. "Meeny!" Shooting star. "Miney!" Pine tree. "YOU!!" Shooting star. "Wait!" Dipper forced out. &q...
  • dipper
  • fordpines
  • weirdmageddonpart3
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It preferences (y'all should read) by Tatsuna884
It preferences (y'all should read)by Justsomeone88
(REQUEST ARE OPEN FOR IMAGINES AND PREFERENCES) Some it preferences that includes Bill Richie Eddie Mike Ben Stan Beverly! BY THE WAY! You can request things in...
  • richie
  • jaeden
  • finn
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Philophobia;;Eddie Kaspbrak X Reader [COMPLETED] by EddiesBrokenArm
Philophobia;;Eddie Kaspbrak X Basic Bitch™️
•The fear of falling in love or being in love•
  • eddiekaspbrak
  • jackdgrazer
  • eddie
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Reddie Oneshots by TroyHarrington
Reddie Oneshotsby ᴇᴠᴀɴ
In which nobody asked for this book but I have a lot of free time and I'm reddie trash so I create short and weird romance stories about them. Please comment requests an...
  • finnwolfhard
  • richietozier
  • bill
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𝐄𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐋 | losers club by lOnGerThAnMaHWAnG
𝐄𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐋 | losers clubby -ˏˋb i t c hˊˎ-
­ ­ ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­❝welcome to the losers club, asshole! ❞ ⎟w e l c o m e⎟ this is my first fanfic that i...
  • richie
  • stephenking
  • hanscom
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wandmaker | charlie weasley by wordsbykathryn
wandmaker | charlie weasleyby kath
Shy little Eloise Moreau found herself the proud owner of Ollivanders after his death in the war. Now she's left to cope with the loss of her mentor while attempting to...
  • postwar
  • billweasley
  • charlieweasley
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