Another Bar

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Pov Dipper

It's Friday night and I know what that means for me, Mabel, Candy, Grenda, Pacifica and Gideon. We were planning to go to a night club and I'm tagging along because I haven't been hanging with them lately.

I'm wearing a long sleeve black shirt with my signature Pinetree because Pacifica, Candy, Grenda and Gideon don't know about the tattoo. Mabel, Stan and Ford are the only ones that knows about it. I don't regret the drunk mistake because the tattoo looks nice.

I looked heard a soft knock on the door and I quickly put on my shoes while opening my door, Mabel was wearing a dress and a thin jacket.

"Are you ready?" Mabel asked me.
"Yeah." I smiled.
"Let's go!" Mabel smiled back.

Mabel grabs my arm and pulls me out of my room, I was dragged outside and I saw a car outside, of course it was Pacifica's.

"Come on you two!" Candy shouted.
"We're coming!" Mabel said.
"Stop dragging me!?" I said.

We went inside the car and it was about eight o'clock, I was sitting in the back with Mabel and Candy. I was looking at my phone and saw so many Snapchat post about so many people already drunk doing stupid stuff.

Pacifica was telling how after this we would hang out at her house and do more incredibly stupid things, which I was honestly afraid of because Pacifica was going to make us drink more. When she's drunk she's going to want us to drink even more than we actually did at the night club.

I made sure I had my wallet and ID because I have a baby face and look young for my age, I am the baby of the group because everyone is older than me. Only by a few months. Jerks...

Pacifica parked in a public parking lot and we waited in line because they boosted security after a teenager came in, they started a fight and ended up in the hospital. I gave them my ID and they scanned it, they gave me an odd look but gave me my ID back and told me to go inside.

Mabel, Candy and Grenda are already drinking and talking to random drunk people, Pacifica and Gideon are talking to each other while one of them are drinking. Did my process really take that all? I mean I know it's doesn't take that long, right?

I grabbed a drink and went over to Pacifica and made a soft smile, who's going to drive because I know it isn't me. I looked over at Gideon and he had the car keys, he's driving us home and he's getting drunk at Pacifica's house. Nice.

"Dipper why did you wear that, aren't you hot?" Pacifica asked me.
"I'm fine." I said.
"Are you sure?" Gideon asked me.
"I'm fine you two, I'm actually cold." I lied, I'm dying but I don't want to get strangled by Pacifica when she sees the tattoo.

We were talking and drinking, but Gideon for the drinking part because he's driving us home. I was tipsy, but not full on drunk. I turn into a completely different people when I drink and Mabel's told me how I act when I'm drunk.

There emotional Dipper and that's just me being an emotional wreck.

Then theirs host Dipper where I actually act like I own the place and make sure everyone is having a great time and that I'm happy that my voice sounds fake, which is weird in my opinion.

Depress Dipper which Mabel isn't a fan of because I say very dark things that makes Mabel concerned about me.

Mabel calls this one Run away Dipper because I would do anything in my power to not be near the people I'm actually with and hang out with random people.

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