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Pov Dipper
(You knew it was coming😏)

I felt my shirt go up as his hands reach closer to my chest.

"Pinetree... I want to hear you." Bill whispered in my ear.

Bill looked at me as my face was bright red. I see a devilish smirk forming on his face as he continues.

Why am I not pushing him off?
Why am I not struggling?
Why am I not punching him, or at least slapping him?
What's wrong with me?


Why does this feel so right but so wrong?

I suddenly pushed him off me and sat on his lap. My arms were around his neck as I looked at him.

"Stop teasing me and kiss me." I mumbled softly.
"I thought you were going to tell me to stop." Bill said.
"No...I wasn't. " I blushed a soft red.

I felt his lips on top of mine as I placed both of my hands on his cheeks. He bite the bottom of my lip and I happily accepted his gesture.

My hands slowly slide down to his neck and around his neck again. I felt Bill's hands on my hips as he pulled me closer.

My phone started to ring and I ignored it. Bill stopped and placed his forehead on mine.

"Are you going to answer it?" Bill asked me.
"If it's important they'll call back." I said.
"Alright." Bill said.
"Now..." I said before biting my lip.

I start to play with his hair and he smiled.

"Let's go somewhere more... private so you can have something you want." I said while rubbing his member through his pants.
"I see what you want..." Bill smiled.

I was so fucking horny all of sudden. The atmosphere was so strong making me feel this way. Damn it.

I felt Bill slap my ass hard and I bite my lip. I want him to do it again.

"You liked that didn't you?" I nodded yes.
"It's so easy to grab your ass because you wear very short shorts." Bill said while grabbing it.
"Fuck me..." I blurted out.
"Needy aren't we?" Bill said as I honestly nodded yes.

Bill kept squeezing my ass and slowly pushing me up and down on his solid rock member. He's teasing me.

"Oh, F-Fuck~" I moaned.
"Harder daddy harder~" I moaned.
"Keep calling me that and you'll get it." Bill said.
"Daddy please fuck me~" I don't know what I'm saying but it feels right.

I felt his lips on my mine and his tongue touched mine. I felt his hands go inside my shorts.

"B-Bill." I stuttered.
"Don't worry Pinetree." Bill whispered.

Bill slowly started to take off my shorts leaving me in my boxers. Bill started to lift up my shirt until he took it off.

I tugged his shirt and he took it off. Bill slowly took off my boxers I start to blush as he licked his lips while looking at my body.

Bill traced his fingers against my body. Bill slowly started to kiss my neck and chest.

"You're going to love this Pinetree." He kissed my neck.
"I'm gonna fuck you so hard." Bill said while squeezing my ass.
"B-Bill~" Bill bite my shoulder and I felt blood.
"God you turn me on." He licked the blood running down my shoulder.
"B-Bill..." I mumbled with a stuttered.
"Your body, the way you act, the way you smile and laugh...so small..." He kissed my neck again.

Bill started to unzip his pants and took out his member. Bill grabbed my hips and held me up. I looked at Bill as he smiled at me.

I placed his member inside me as I started to go down. I started to moan as it went deeper inside me.

"Y-You're so big~" I moaned.

Bill pushed me down slowly as I moaned louder. Bill moved me up and down.


Bill started to rub my member as I was riding him.

"S-Stop....I~" I couldn't finish my sentence.

Bill stopped and placed me on my back instead.

"Your so tight Pinetree." Billl grunted.

Bill started to kiss me neck leaving me even more hickeys. My arms went around his neck as he thrust.

"F-Faster~" I moaned.
"What was it?" Bill asked me.
"F-Faster daddy~" I moaned.

Bill started to move faster. I clawed his back as he thrust faster. I still can't believe I'm doing this with Bill.

I haven't felt this much pleasure in a long time. This is my first time ever doing this and it felt weird.

I'm starting to like it now but its embarrassing that I'm moaning. Why did he have to make me feel horny?

"Hah...hah...Harder daddy~" I moaned.
"Harder~" I moaned.

Bill started to thrust harder as my moans grow. Bill's thrust were starting to become faster and more force was put into it.

I moaned louder as the speed and force got faster and harder. I felt his lips on mine again and it felt nice. A moan broke the kiss.

"R-Right there~" I moaned.

Bill kissed my check and started to thrust harder.

"F-Fuck....Bill~" I moaned.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah~"

Bill started to move faster. I was a moaning mess. I came on our chest and Bill made a dull smile.

"S-Sorry..." I said as I tried not to moan.
"It's okay Pinetree." Bill said.
"I'm almost there." Bill mumbled.

Bill slowed down and then started to speed up again. I noticed that my legs were shaking as he thrust.


Bill came inside of me. Bill thrust with force one last time and started to slow down.

I was panting and Bill placed his hand on my check. Bill took out his member and I felt some of his semen run down.

"Love you Pinetree." Bill said.
"Love you too..." I said.
"I feel bad for who ever sits here after this." Bill said.
"T-True..." I said.

Bill kissed my neck and smiled at me.

"Let's have round two in the shower."

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