(15) Secrets, Lies and Love

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Chapter 15


At some point while I was reading I fell asleep. I was awakened by Drew picking me up and bringing me into my room. He laid me in my bed and covered me up.

"Thanks, Drew," I said to him.

"No problem, Andy" he said back to me.

He shut off my light, shut my door, and left me in the darkness. For the first time in I don't know how long, I was able to go to sleep and not have any worries floating in my head.


A couple of weeks later it was time for homecoming. At our school we have a different theme for each day of the week of homecoming week. Monday is always Pajama Day. Tuesday is Jersey Day, Wednesday is Color Day: Seniors wear black, Juniors-blue, Sophomores-red, and Freshmen-Green. Thursday is Twins Day where two people get together and dress alike and then the two with the best costume wins a prize. And Friday is Spirit Day where everyone wears the school colors: purple and gold. Then, Friday night is the big football game. This year the game was against our biggest rivals: the Sauk Centre Mainstreeters.


I woke up at 6:45 seeing as I didn't really have to do much to get ready. However, I was not going to go to school in clothes that I had slept in. I got out of bed, put on some black and purple plaid PJ pants and a long-sleeve black shirt. I put my hair up and went downstairs. For once, Drew was up before me and he was making breakfast. I was shocked. We ate our chocolate-chip pancakes with orange juice before heading out the door and into Drew's car.

At school we met up with our group. The guys had welcomed Chris into the group completely. There was something about him that made the others want to get to know him better. All of the guys were wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts. I knew for a fact that all the guys didn't sleep with any shirts on, but Ducky, as we like to call Mr. Doetkott, wouldn't let them take the dress up day that far.

The guys were talking about the game from Friday night. It was a close one, but the team managed to pull through to victory. We were currently undefeated, but so was Sauk Centre. This coming game could make or break our run for the state tournament. The team was already getting pumped for the game. I believe that their thinking was that if they kept a good attitude all week then that would transfer to their playing on the field. But, I could be wrong; I usually am when it comes to the inner workings of a guys mind.

At lunch, I ate quickly so I could cover for Lucinda in the library. She had to go to a doctor's appointment for her baby. For the last couple of weeks, Chris had been coming with me. If it was busy in the library, then he would sit at a table and do homework. If not, he would stand up by the counter and talk to me.

Thankfully, it wasn't busy today.

"So, explain to me what all happens on Friday with the football game," he said to me.

"For the third time," I said mockingly, "we will have a normal day up until fifth hour. After fifteen minutes of that class we will be excused to walk up to Main Street for the parade. It will consist of this fall's sports and activities and the Homecoming Royalty. After that we will all walk back to school and wait around for the final bell. You have to go back and check in with your seventh hour teacher otherwise Ducky will have to talk you. That will wind up ending with an in-school-suspension or two hours of detention, depending on his mood. The football game will start at seven-thirty. After the game, there will be a party at one of the player's houses. That fact will not be decided until that night in an attempt that the cops won't hear about it."

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