(Epilogue) Secrets, Lies and Love

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Four years had gone by and we were graduating from college. Chris and I had gone to Carthage while Drew and Stefan had both received scholarships to play football at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Michael had gone to a school close to home so he could be near Lucinda and her baby girl, Christina Ann.

The last I heard of Amber was that she was going to school to be a secretary, but being unsuccessful at finding a job, she was making money by working at a fast-food joint, Dairy Queen.

We sat through our ceremony. I had sat next to Chris, but I was also by my new friends that I had met: Tristin, Anna and Spencer. They were awesome friends and I wouldn't have made it through the four years without them.

After we were done, Chris took me out to dinner. We ate our meal in a happy atmosphere. When we got to out apartment, Chris helped me out of my jacket and when I turned around to thank him, he was kneeling on the ground, holding a black velvet box in the palm of his hand.

Alright everyone, here it is. This is the end of Andria and Chris' story. I will not be doing a sequal to it. There wouldn't be much to one anyway. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now I am going to be working on these other ideas that are floating around in my mind. Thank you all so much for reading.

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