(5) Secrets, Lies and Love

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Chapter 5

I woke up on Saturday morning at 11:00 and I knew what was about to happen. I could feel the pain in my stomach beginning so I rushed to my bathroom. I leaned over the toilette and puked all the alcohol out.

When I was done puking, I walked back into my bedroom and saw Chris still lying there. I went into the closet and pulled on sweatpants and a t-shirt. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote Chris a note:

'I didn't want you to think that I left after sleeping with you, kidding. I went to take a run. You are welcome to stay for the brunch I will make when I get back. Thanks for keeping me warm last night.'

I laid the paper on my pillow, grabbed my iPod Touch, and walked out the door.

It is always a tradition for me to go for a long run the morning after a big party. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy running practically every day. There is just something about running after a party that makes me feel cleansed. I continued to run for about a half hour. When I got back to the house, the guys were still laying around everywhere. I went up to my room to take a shower. I saw that Chris was still sleeping like the guys downstairs. I grabbed clothes so that I wouldn't have to walk around in just a towel.

After my long shower I got dressed and put mousse in my hair so it wouldn't frizz; then I put make-up on. I walked out of my bathroom and I saw that Chris had finally woken up. He was over at my wall of books and studying them intently.

"Do you like my collection?" I asked him.

"I have never seen so many books in a private house," he said astonished.

"What kind of life have you been living?" I joked.

"Apparently not a very mindful one. Have you read all of these?"

"More than once, actually," I said and watched his eyes pop.

"So, which one is your favorite?"

"How can you have a favorite book? For me, there is no way. Any book that can pull me into the story like I am actually there is my favorite. All of these authors can do that for me. But, if I had to pick a favorite genre, I would say romance or mystery. Or both."

"Wow, I have never seen such passion for books."

"Well, Chris, what is your passion?"

"Ac . . . uh, nothing. I have never really found my passion."

"Come on, there has to be something that you like to do," I said teasingly, but truly curious.

"Nothing, just drop it," he said rather harshly, like he was hiding something.

I was taken aback by his sudden mood swing, "Okay, don't bite my head off. Anyways, I have to go wake the guys and make them lunch. It is sort of a tradition. Would you like to help?"

"Sure, what are we going to make?"

"My specialty, homemade, three-meat pizza."

"Sounds good."

As we were about to leave the room, Chris's phone went off. "I'll be right down, I have to take this." He sounded a little distressed.

"Okay," I walked out of my room and almost fully closed the door. I am the nosy/curious type of girl, so I walked slowly. I told myself that I only wanted to make sure that everything was okay.

"What is it Joe?" I heard him say aggressively.


"I told you to call me Chris," he spat.


"No. I am taking this year off and you knew that. Why would I want to go ahead with this deal?"

At this point, I was at the stairs and I couldn't kid myself into eavesdropping anymore. I walked down the stairs to make some pizza.

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