(17) Secrets, Lies, and Love

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I worked with Chasity and Kyle and told them about my thoughts on what Chris had said. They knew of my problem with remembering things so they just consulted me saying that I had probably talked about my parents and that is how he knew. I still had my doubts but they were slowly withering away.


Chapter 17

Spirit Day at Melrose High School was always a day where the whole school felt united. As weird as this may be to say, it is true. This was the one day where nearly everyone in the building (the elementary, middle school, and high school all totaling to about 1,400 students), students and teachers, dressed in the school colors of purple and gold. The other four days of the week were fun to dress up for but this was the day when everything looked the same because of the colors, however it was different because everyone had a unique twist to their outfit.

I dressed in purple shorts, yellow tank-top, and a whole bunch of purple beads. I even went as far as to wear yellow fishnet stockings under my shorts. I pulled on a pair of black converse and went to eat breakfast. Drew was nowhere to be found when it was time to go so I grabbed my backpack and car keys and walked out to the garage. I saw that Drew's car wasn't there so I didn't feel as guilty for leaving without making sure that Drew wasn't home.

Up until lunch time, the day went by quickly. The atmosphere buzzing around the building was a nearly tangible excitement. Everyone was looking forward to the big game that night. If we won we would be on the fast-track to going to state. If we lost...well let's think about that if it happens.

I was sitting next to Chris at lunch holding his hand when Melanie, a girl that I share some classes with came running up to me.

"Andy, you are supposed to come to the library right now. Something is wrong with Lucinda and she won't let anyone help her. She keeps screaming that she wants you to come and help her."

I was out of the cafeteria as fast as I could. Lucinda was a good friend of mine and I didn't want anything bad to happen to her.

I ran through the door of the library and up to the counter where a whole group of people were standing around in a circle. I also took note that there were paramedics there also.

"Lucinda-" I called out but she couldn't hear me because of all the chatter.

"MOVE!" Chris shouted from behind me. I hadn't even realized that he had followed me.

The people parted like the red sea and I was able to get to Lucinda and knelt down by her side.

"What's wrong Lucinda?"

"I don't know," she spat out through clenched teeth. "It's too early for the baby but it hurts so bad. Andy, what if I lose the baby? I couldn't make it through that."

"Shh, Lucinda. It's going to be OK. These nice paramedics are going to take you to the hospital to make sure that doesn't happen."

"Okay," she said weakly. The paramedics came into the circle with a wheelchair and got her into it. They wheeled her out of the library and out of the doors into the ambulance.

I wanted so badly to go with her to the hospital. I couldn't let anything happen to her, she always looked out for me.

She was adamant however, "You need to be in the parade. You are the queen and I picked out such I nice dress for you to wear. You can come and see me after you are done."

Even though I didn't see any reason in her argument, the hormonal mother-to-be won in the end. As the ambulance pulled away, I nearly started to hyperventilate.

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