(Prologue) Secrets, Lies and Love

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Jason Adams and his cousin, Michael Flynn, were only a block away from the movie set but Jason could already hear his many fans cheering. As they drove around the corner he saw some of the usual signs:

"We Love You Jason!"


"Jason's #1 Fan!"

Then, there were the crazier signs:

"Marry me, Jason!"


"Future Mrs. Adams!"

"Thank God today is the last day of shooting," Jason said to his cousin, friend and wingman, Mike. "Then I can get away from all of this," he gestured to the crowd of screaming fans as he said this. 

"C'mon man, I thought you loved the girls always hanging all over you?" Mike scoffed back at him. 

"I do love the fans, just not when they act all crazy like this. I mean I have been acting since I was twelve years old. It is just getting kinda old that's all," he said back to Mike. "Plus, I would like for once to get from point A to point B without losing some piece of my clothing."

"I was always under the impression that you enjoyed that." 

"At first, but lately it is just getting old. Now, I think it is you that enjoys standing in my shadow and finding the girls at the club for us." 

"Yeah, well my senior year starts in a month and a half, but I am going back tomorrow. We do still have one more night." 

Jason knew that Mike meant well, but sometimes it seemed that he didn't understand what Jason was trying to say to him. He figured he was not always clear with his meanings either. 

"There is something that I have been thinking about and I am going to tell you first. I am going to take this next year off of my career and don't even try to talk me out of it. You and I both know that I have enough money to make it through the rest of my life comfortably," Jason said to Mike while getting the pleasure of seeing his eyes pop open. 

"So tell me, Jason, what is it that you are planning on doing?" 

"I will tell you later, time to brave the crowds with a happy face," he said as they got out of Jason's Audi and walked into the crowd of shrieking young women.

After Jason got done shooting his scene, he and Mike got back into the car.

"Now," Mike said to Jason once they got back into the car, "what is it that you are planning on doing on your year off?" 

"I will tell you but you have to promise that you are not going to try and talk me out of this plan." 

"Alright, I will not try to talk you out of what you are planning," Mike asked Jason 

"Okay, I am going to go with you back to high school for senior year."

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