(4) Secrets, Lies and Love

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Chapter 4

Andria's POV

After we got Drew awake and back in the house, the rest of the night went by flawlessly. We continued our drinking games of beer pong, tippy cup, and beer ball. All the while we made Drew sit out with an ice pack over his eye. I ended up drinking a lot and began to get really tired. It was only 4:00 am and all the guys were asleep. I tried to make my way up the stairs but stumbled on the second step.

"Ouch," I mumbled to myself.

"Here," I heard a guy say, "let me help you."

"No," I said firmly," I am perfectly capable of going up the stairs on my own."

"Andy, I have no idea what you just said. You're slurring your words."

I finally decided to take the hand that I was being offered. I looked up into brilliant blue eyes.

"Chris? When did you come back?"

"I came back at about 2 and have just been hanging out since. I just came out of the bathroom when I heard you fall."

Chris helped me up the stairs and I pointed to where my room was. I told him where to find the key and he unlocked my door and helped into me room. When we got in there I walked into my closet and found some shorts and a tank top. When I got back into my room I saw Chris looking at my book shelves. I stumbled across the room and under the covers on my bed. As usual I started to shiver from the not-quite-warm-yet sheets, only this time I couldn't stop shivering.

I felt the covers being pulled up and Chris pulling me up to his chest. "Is this okay? You looked kinda cold."

I was already warming up, "Just perfect, thank you."

At that, I began to fall asleep, comfortable in Chris's strong arms.

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