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OverWatch Lemons by FanFic_Master101
OverWatch Lemonsby FanFicMaster101
☠ Warning ☠ This Fanfiction is a lemon/smut means it contains sexual themes. Request are always open. Sorry if my grammar is incorrect, English is my second language. Sl...
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My Bad Boy by Nickymb
My Bad Boyby Megan ♦
Kelsey Mays knows everything there is to know when it comes to loving a bad boy. They're uncaring jerks who will leave you brokenhearted and alone without a second thoug...
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The Family You Make by sweetbratt
The Family You Makeby sweetbratt
Family isn't always blood. I know mine isnt. I've got quite a few people in my life that I've met over the years who are no longer friends, because that term just doesn'...
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Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Black Love Story) by Asnowfallkindoflove
Everything I've Needed (A Jacob Asnowfallkindoflove
Lucy Clearwater was born and raised in LaPush, but had to leave it all behind when she was fourteen to go to a fashion design internship in New York. Three years later s...
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My Grizzly Bear (Emmett Cullen Love Story FanFiction) by Mecci_OdinChild
My Grizzly Bear (Emmett Cullen Demetria Fici
From the moment I saw him I knew he was different but I didn't care! Cause no matter what I will always love him. Yes he may be one of the monsters that go bump in the n...
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A Wish with a Bow (Girl Power Series) by moudenes
A Wish with a Bow (Girl Power Mara Oudenes
Callie only wants one thing for Christmas... maybe two: a job and a boyfriend. Will Santa hear her wishes?
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Snowflake Kisses (A Short Hiro x Reader Story) by RioftheSouthernIsles
Snowflake Kisses (A Short Hiro x Mariah • Queen of BH6
You met him during his darkest winter. His spirit was gone, his smile hidden behind that heartbroken gaze, all up until the day he met you. Intent on changing his winter...
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Living with the Lockhart Boys [Completed] by KristieBoo
Living with the Lockhart Boys [ Kristen-Anne
When Cherry's friend died three and a half years ago, she spiralled into a depression fueled by grief, alcohol and self-harm. Her best friend pulled her through it, but...
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Holiday Preferences by Ftfanx777
Holiday Preferencesby
Trick or treat! We give thanks! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Will you be my valentine? You aren't wearing green~ April Fools! Easter time! Happy Father's Day...
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Summer Cheng's Miraculous Holiday Specials by SummerCheng37
Summer Cheng's Miraculous Summer Cheng
This is a collection of multiple stories under the category Summer Cheng's Miraculous Holiday Specials because they are all Miraculous stories centered around different...
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The Wonders of Fall; A Modern Zelink AU Story by Link-knight-177
The Wonders of Fall; A Modern West
Zelink AU Modern Fanfiction Link lives a miserable life. Every day it seems that the same exact events repeat themselves, like he's living in a loop. As an attempt to...
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Akala by herzi24
Akalaby Chara Mae Cabanayan
Ito po ay tula,at ang tulang ito ay ang aking orehinal na gawa noong ako ay nasa ika-sampung baitang ang tulang ito ay aming ipinasa sa aming guro sa aasignaturang Filip...
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||~DEAR BANGTAN OPPA~|| by Happily_Melancholic
||~DEAR BANGTAN OPPA~||by ~Liza~
A thanksgiving to BTS who turned me into someone I never thought I could be....who brought back the lost smile on my face...who added life to my existence....💜
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Dipped in Honey by purplebubblesss
Dipped in Honeyby Alina C. P. Rey
Liz, a senior in college, is shaken by the reappearance of someone from her past. Her best friend, Adelaide, has returned after three years. Adelaide's arrival reopens w...
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rain. by ScarletStars08
#15 *^•^pufferfish^•^*
Thoughts. Poems. Rain. They all can tap, patter, or slam at your brain. The difference is, Thoughts will drive you insane.
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The Protector Jack O'Malley Book 4 by Moonbraker23
The Protector Jack O'Malley Book 4by Kylie Springer
Jack O'Malley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno. But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, his friends, Jack faces the...
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Coming Out as Catholic by maddiasahatter
Coming Out as Catholicby Maddi
"Sometimes you're in the middle of eating lima beans, and realize you're gay. It happens, and I would know. This is my story." This is the most homophobic book...
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If This Is It (An Arranged Marriage Love Story) by vintageliz1496
If This Is It (An Arranged vintageliz1496
People say everything happens for a reason, whether you want it to or not. I don't know if everything happens for a reason but I do know there was some reason that I was...
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Wings of Fire- D.O.D  Holiday Specials by SofiTheWriter
Wings of Fire- D.O.D Holiday SofiTheWriter
One shots on how the Dragonets Of Destiny celebrate scavenger holidays! Btw, I do not own the art used as cover for the book. Full credit of drawing goes to whoever made...
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