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Rouxls Kaard x Reader by elizabeak_freak
Rouxls Kaard x Readerby elizabeak_freak
I'll try to keep this gender neutral. No it's mot a joke I just like dumb covers
  • ralsei
  • rouxlskaard
  • characterxreader
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Drag Them Down// A Harry Styles, Chris, Louis Tomlinson and more Fanfiction by lewistee91
Drag Them Down// A Harry Styles, lewistee91
It's the summer of 1996 in Evansville, a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone. But no one knows anything about Christopher Moah. Chapters signed by...
  • gay
  • michaelcera
  • dragmedown
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Mac N CHEESE by lasagnaman
Mac N CHEESEby :)))))))))
A guy really wants mac N cheese but what happens when he doesnt have Any???????1/???
  • funny
  • macncheese
  • suicide
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the pig and goose by lindsay94x
the pig and gooseby Linds
  • pig
  • pizza
  • goose
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Paralyzed by Lizziebear234
Paralyzedby Meagan
I got ice in my veins. Blood in my eyes. Hate in my heart. Love in my mind. ***
  • love
  • aiden
  • bestfriend
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swig sweg by bhakedbheans
swig swegby fata$$
don't read this trash i'm a changed person i sWEAR (2018 update: pls don't mention this to my face ever. not deleting though cause im f4mOu$$ uwu))
  • lizard
  • macncheese
Easy to make foods (just for a friend at college) by luna_the_weird_otaku
Easy to make foods (just for a Luna✨
Just some easy to make foods All really simple stuff Im a better baker than a cook, so I will put some simple things to do with baking in here as well. Im not putting ex...
  • formyfriend
  • collegefood
  • simple
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Dinner Party Gone Wrong by mrslafayette
Dinner Party Gone Wrongby grace ;)
Co Written by my amazing friend @ImAGeneral_WHEEEEE ! When Lin invites the Hamilsquad over for dinner, something goes wrong. *cough cough* Jefferson wasn't invited *coug...
  • fanfic
  • lmao
  • hamilsquad
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Lams,Jams,Mac n Cheese by LaurenMasco
Lams,Jams,Mac n Cheeseby NightyScribbles
WereWolf Jefferson and Human Alex wind up in the same Dorm in college. Warning this story contains Death, and other mature content. I am open to feedback and edits, i kn...
  • lams
  • guyxguy
  • hamilton
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You Are My Hero by yourejustforuse
You Are My Heroby yourejustforuse
Sarah and Abbey are best friends they get bored of their plain lives and decide to go on an adventure to Texas. Along the way they meet a mysterious boy named Peter, he...
  • teen
  • love
  • macncheese
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Changing The Bad Boy by bunnylo1
Changing The Bad Boyby bunnylo1
This story takes you on a journey that's one of 3 books from 3 different authors. This book is the version that's going to change an f boy to a romantic for one special...
  • macncheese
  • elisabeth
  • englishclass
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Keith, the human Disaster. (He ain't rlly human doe.) by DrearyHufflepuff
Keith, the human Disaster. (He Elliott's Gay
When Hunk leaves to get some food for Kattlenecker, Keith is left in charge of making food for the other Paladins.
  • voltronlegendarydefenders
  • lance
  • klance
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The Cheese Chronicles - Full Series + Commentary by queen_astraline
The Cheese Chronicles - Full Nora
From the acclaimed authors Novalaxy, Sukie W., and Splovacato Pancakes comes a life-changing story about one Google+ user who will just not accept the one true religion...
  • memes
  • google
  • catseatingmacncheese
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I hate being tagged, bros by BlueberrySans9
I hate being tagged, brosby AllThatIReadIsJamilton
Fite me
  • macncheese
  • fuckyoufortaggingmeasshole
  • ummstop
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ESCAPE ❇A Yoonmin Fan Fiction ❇ by kookiemonster1439
ESCAPE ❇A Yoonmin Fan Fiction ❇by fluffity trash floof
Min Yoongi- a rude, antisocial, aspiring writer. Simply lacking a muse.
  • jongdae
  • yoonmin
  • college
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A Dream Come True-(ON HOLD) by ktibg1
A Dream Come True-(ON HOLD)by ktibg1
Belle Lockwood is always in the clouds. She's shy, she's quiet, and she's a Guard Geek, but she dreams of finding the perfect guy; She wishes to fall in love. For her th...
  • hose
  • liam
  • scool
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