(23) Secrets, Lies and Love

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Chapter 23

After trying, and failing, to listen at the door, I gave up and went to read in my room, but my mind couldn't concentrate on the words. I gave up and turned the t.v. on instead. The channel was tuned to the entertainment channel from when Drew tried to cheer me up by watching music videos. Let's just say that the music video for Chris' last movie came on and the book I was trying to read had an intimate encounter with the television screen. 

After a commercial, the show came back on. In the background was a picture of me and Chris sitting together on the beach. It took a few seconds for the reporter's words to reach my ears. 

"The mystery has been solved. The identity of Jason Adams' girlfriend has been revealed by a source close to the young girl. Her name is Andria Johnson and she hails from the small village of New Munich, Minnesota. It is said that the two met when Jason went on temporary hiatus to experience high school in preparation for his next movie. However, there might not be as much bliss in this relationship as the two let on. It is common knowledge at the high school that Andria recently got out of a relationship with Jason's cousin, Michael. Is this merely a rebound relationship or is there truly a spark between the two?" 

"What complete bull-," I began but was interrupted. 

"I couldn't agree more." 

Chris stood in my doorway looking a little more pale than when I saw him outside my dad's door; he had a smile on his face though. 

"Are you alright?" I asked, gesturing for him to come and sit by me. He shuffled to the bed and lay down, throwing his arm over his eyes. "I take it that he was hard on you?" 

"He was justified in what he said." 

"What did he all say to you?" 

"Just that he had warned me about hurting you and it might take some time to gain his full trust back," he said solemnly. 

"That is just how he is. It won't take long. Just as long as you don't so something to completely lose his trust. I have faith that it will not take long." 

"You have too much faith in me," he said, lowly. 

"No, you just don't have enough in yourself. You are a great person, Chris. You are well-loved by those who know you because of who you are. You don't give people a reason to dislike you. Anybody can relate to you in some way and that makes you someone that everybody can relate to." 

He looked at me with a smile in his eyes, "Thank you." 

"You're welcome."

The rest of the night we spent just hanging around the kitchen playing card games and a board game here and there; and we just talked. To the outside world we would look like a normal family sitting around the table having a fun game night; not necessarily the famous actor, author and lawyers along with a couple teenagers that we were. 

When we all got tired of losing every game to Jennifer, who was surprisingly good at every game, we moved to our separate areas of the house: Drew and Stefan to Drew's room, Mom and Dad to their room, Jennifer to her room on a bout of inspiration and Chris and I decided to take a walk. The reporters had left earlier so we wouldn't be bothered. 

We just began walking along the sidewalk, hand-in-hand. We ended up at the park, sitting on swings, swaying back and forth. We just sat there in a comfortable silence, side-by-side. 

The silence was broken after fifteen minutes, by Chris. 

"I've decided what I am going to do," he suddenly announced. 

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