(20) Secrets, Lies and Love

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Chapter 20

When I awoke the next morning I was so very excited to put my and Chris' plan into action. Even though I was excited, I still had to prepare myself. I now knew that Chris was famous and I was informed enough to know that, as a star, he was going to get a lot of attention as soon as he stepped outside. I had to be ready to be ambushed. 

This was the part that worried Chris the most. He didn't want me or my family or friends to be subject to the grueling persistence of the paparazzi. Chris "girls" had their pictures taken and then were forgotten, due to the fact that he had a different girl on his arm all of the time. But, as soon as I was seen on two different outings, reporters would pounce like hungry lions on a baby gazelle. Not a good mental image for me. 

I got out of the huge, comfy bed and went to take a shower and get dressed. After minutes of internal debate, I finally decided on my black dress that had a modest top and elastic at the bottom. It nearly went to my knees and was complemented with a red belt around my stomach. After combing my hair I put on red flats and went out into the hall. 

I have to say that I wasn't surprised to see Chris leaning against the wall in low hanging jeans and a plain white t-shirt. He had white Reeboks and was twirling sunglasses in between his thumb and forefinger.  

"Wow," I breathed. 

"Took the word right out of my mouth," he said back. 

I walked up to him and clasped my hands around his neck to pull him down to place my lips on his. When he pulled back a few minutes later, he looked at me with a smile. 

"Someone is in a good mood today," he said to me while looking deep into my eyes. 

"I am excited to see the city," I told him. I didn't want to tell him that I was excited to show the world that he was mine. I didn't want to sound possessive but it was going to be hard when all of the girls rushed him. 

"Are you ready for coffee?" he asked. 

I told him yes and we made our way to his BMW that was parked in his garage. Once we were buckled in, he made his way out of the building and down the long driveway. We were about a mile away from his house when a triumphant grin came over his face. When I asked him what was up, he pointed to the van a few vehicles behind us. 

"That, my love, is the paparazzi that we are going to bait for the weekend." 

"And so it begins," I said manically. Accept I wasn't really focused on the reporter van so much as I was on what he called me. Those words made butterflies fly in my stomach. 

When we got to Starbucks twenty minutes later, we stood in line to order our drinks. Once we had the warm liquids we went to grab a table on the terrace. Instead of sitting across from each other, Chris moved his chair so that he sat right next to me. I noticed that we were sitting and facing the street. Five minutes into our coffee, the shouting started. 

"Jason, look here..." 

"Over here Jason..." 

"Where have you been the last two months?" 

"Who's the girl?" 

Chris leaned over to whisper in my ear, "Just try your best to ignore them." 

He leaned back, thought for a minute, and then leaned back to peck me on the lips. I smiled and heard a number of camera shutters clicking. 

"What is your family doing for Thanksgiving?" he asked me. 

"My grandma is going to come over and we are going to have dinner. I meant to ask you. If you're not doing anything, would you like to come over?" 

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