At the break when Tsuna left the class, Mochida came to challenge Nobuyoshi with Tsuna as price. Hearing this Kyoko and Hana leave directly to talk to Tsuna about this. At the same time, our brunette comes knocking on the door of the Council room and entered in. She saw Giotto exasperated signing paperwork. Tsuna chuckled silently then G and Asari enter the room too with a mocking smile. 

"Stop making fun of me already I have a pile of paper yesterday to take care but in addition, I forgot my bento." Complained Giotto grumbling signing again a paper. 

"You just had to finish the paperwork yesterday and not postpone it to today! " G growled.

"Haha! G is right and no we will not share our meal with you it's your punishment." Commented Asari under the puppy eyes of Giotto. 

"You guys, you are not nice to him but Giotto-san they're right someday you'll be buried under the paperwork even if the Disciplinary Committee and some people don't do their job completely." Said Tsuna eyeing some people next to her, they look away feigning ignorance. 

"It's up to you to impose yourself, to say what the problems to correct. But his friends should also not make the work late and help him and in addition this because of your lack of organization and staff." 

The boys look at each other then nodded shamefully that a kouhai lecture them and she added. "And I would share my bento, I did too much today." She adds with a slight smile to the president who thought to see an angel in front of him. The four people started to eat when Giotto's and Tsuna's intuition activated, alerting problem is coming. When suddenly the door suddenly opened to see Ryohei, Kyoko and Hana busting in the room presenting the situation.

 The whole group goes to the crowded gymnasium, when they arrived inside they see Nobuyoshi and Mochida quarrelling that the winner of the kendo match will get Tsunahime without knowing that this person was present to their great misfortune. Takeshi and Lampo who tried to calm everyone approached Giotto and the other visibly angry, especially Giotto. 

They all heard a 'bang' except for the spectators, Nobuyoshi in Dying Will mode in underwear throwing himself on Mochida. Then Reborn settles on Giotto's head and asks him to stop the fight ignoring his complaints but it makes Hibari Kyoya come who is here really pissed.

"Omnivores, herbivores what does it mean?" The spectators who watched the fight turned immediately their attention to the prefect pissed. Takeshi explained briefly to Kyoya, who released his tonfas (from his spatio-temporal pocket wuuiii~~) but was stopped by Tsuna, Kyoya confused raised an eyebrow. 

"Hibari-san, please let me take care of this." Said Tsuna with a sweet smile who could freeze someone to be scared. She heading towards the two fighters ignoring the shocked and complaining looks of the group and Reborn's observant gaze. The referee seeing Tsuna approaching the combat zone wanted to block the way of the fact that she has nothing to do here but was quickly contradicted. 

"This fight has nothing to do with me? Do not make fun of me! I have everything to do with this fight when I'm used as a trophy!" Roared Tsuna like lion glaring the referee. 

She approached a victorious Nobuyoshi and a defeated Mochida and gave them a powerful punch to their face who knocked them out instantly, an implacable silence reigned in the gym, only a 'Wao', an 'Extreme!!!' and a whistle (→ G) can be heard. Everyone looks at her in the middle of the gym, shocked and scared, Tsuna looks at the audience with an icy glare. 

"I don't need fake friends or whatever, those who come to me just to be a bit popular they can scram I don't need them! " She exclaimed with a threatening tone and walked out of the gym, glancing at Takeshi. Giotto and the others followed Tsuna leaving the prefect to take care of the rest. 

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