Chapter 11 Graduation

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Serilda's blades fly in a storm of emerald as she uses the as an extension of herself. The unyielding force Mara struggles to keep up. Attempting to block each blow but a slow reaction leads to a slice to her upper arm. Gasping Serilda takes the moment of surprise to push Mara to the ground disarming her and holding her at blade point.

"Match! Serilda, Mara come forward." Serilda helps her fellow student up and both approach the master.

"Serilda you have grown in strength, power, skill and agility since I first met you in those woods. You are so much like your father, pride, strength, power, determination you are the next Lasiq Gerrab, a mighty and skilled swordsmen the only female Lasiq assassin who had more power than any assassin. Mara since you were a child you had much agility and ferocity I knew you would be a scythe-men you have a gift and I hope you use it well. You are both young you still have much to learn. I hope that one day you will return and finish your training, if you don't then I wish you good luck your paths have been chosen but where your journey ends is up to you. I am proud that I got to teach such amazing and gifted pupils. I wish you good luck. You have learned all you can you may leave this place and I hope that you do come back to finish what you started. I will be here waiting, watching, hoping that I will train you again. Thank you for learning." The master walked to the sanctum and his pupils followed. Preparing to say goodbye to their home and return to the foreign place of their past.

Master requested that both have one more lesson to learn but it can only be achieved when they go back to their home. Neither shared what their mission was to the other. Serilda's was unnerving to say the least. A secret held by her father kept from her hidden in her own home. A chilling revelation and she must find it and learn this secret then and only then can she decide what kind of person she wants to be.

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