Chapter 7 Conquer Fears

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Serilda stands at the edge of a eerie foggy forest hidden within the walls of their fortress. The stone path is worn and rugged.

"You will enter the forest and conquer your fears. The mist will coax your fears out and paralyze you as you face them." He says and nudges her toward the entrance. Glancing once back at him. Freezing she stops but doesn't face him.

"How bad will it be?" Her voice doesn't waver but it does fail to conceal her fear.

"Your worst nightmares will come to life and you may only leave when you have conquered them. Do not worry the mist will wear off when you have." Nodding Serilda keeps moving. She feels as though her surroundings are alive and watching her. Once at the center of the forest Serilda sits down.

Like a vacuum around her the mist rushes to her taking her. Forcing her to see every fear she has from the smallest thing of fear of spiders to the largest fear of her family's disappointment and death. Master sits at the enterance listening to his newest pupil scream as she faces her terrors.

After two days of terror she faces her fears accepts them and the mist left her releasing her from the pain.

"That was most interesting, you fear death but not your death but the death of those you love." Her master says watching as she gasps for breath.

"Why is that?" He wonders out loud.

"I fear that if I lose them then I will have no purpose in this world, I will have no reason to live, my life will be a empty void. I will have no one to care for." Serilda explains.

"Very good at recognizing this you have just passed your third trial conquering fear of death. Your combat training will now begin. First you need to choose your weapon." Master Zion leads Serilda to the armory. 

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