Chapter 4 Runaway

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Early the next morning Serilda packed her things planning to slip out of the house that night. Jumping when someone knocked on her door she slid her bag under her bed and slipped under the bed sheets. Rubbing her eyes.

"Come in." She shouted pretending to just awoken. Bradon pushed the door open entering her room.

"My beloved Serilda please forgive my behavior. It wasn't kind to laugh." Serilda looked at her father puzzled. Why was he apologizing? Her father was a proud man and rarely did anything that requires an apology. She can not recall a time her father had apologized. Not to her mother when he accidentally broke her favorite vase. Nor to their neighbor when he mistook his dog for a fox and shot it. What has made him apologize for something so trivial? Did he know of her plan to leave? Is he trying to keep her here?

"It's okay Father I understand." She assured him not wanting to make her running away any more painful. She had been taught not to lie and when she was caught her mother would wash out her mouth with soap. She practiced and got good at it. She put all that practice into this moment.

This place was her world and she was just going to leave it all for him. Master Ragnar Zion lives in the Mongolian mountains just north of the closest town. Ragnar only teaches those who he deems worthy. He was her only hope to fulfill her dream of becoming a master assassin she needed to find him. First she had to get rid of her father.

"Look father I'm tired and it is early I think I'm going to go back to bed." She said drowsy like.

"Of course you are I'll just go sleep well my darling Serilda." Nodding he came to her bedside and kissed her forehead. Serilda ground her teeth and fought tears. Why was he making this so hard! Holding her breath she hardened her face and put on one of sleep. She watched as he left. When the door clicked shut she whispered.

"Goodbye Father." She counted to one hundred after her father's steps fainted away before she leaped out of bed and pulled her bag out from under her bed. Going through it one last time she check all the supplies were there. Food, water, clothes, and her fathers dagger who he believes he misplaced. Pulling the bag over her shoulder she moved to her window parting the curtains a golden ray of light splitting between the two walls of fabric lighting up her room.

Pushing her window until it opened she slipped out and held to the edges as she made her way to a safer point to jump. Gripping the column she hugged it and slid down it. The smooth stone running against her hand. A chipped off piece left a jagged rough bump she gasped and pulled back when her hand ran over the rough surface. The fall wasn't nearly as high as it could have been but it hurt none the less. Recovering she rushed to get out of view of the windows and ran as fast as she could into the woods.

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