Chapter 13 Acceptance

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Her father helped her mother up from the ground. Once on her feet she rushed to her daughter. Crying on Serilda's shoulder soaking her shirt with tears. Her father soon joined the embrace.

"I thought you were dead." She said between sobs. Serilda was grateful to be home and to see her parents. The reunion pushed her mission to the back of her mind. After a moment of holding their long lost daughter the two parents peeled themselves from her.

"Ma belle fille, how you have grown." Her father says tightening his hold on his family.

"Serilda where were you? Where did you go?" Her mother asked dabbing tears from her eyes.

"I will explain everything but first let's sit down." They moved from the entryway to the den. Her father sat on the couch beside her mother while Serilda sat on the old leather chair across from them. The room smelled of old books, brandy and oak. The scent of her childhood. She would come in here and look at what she counted at a thousand books on the large bookshelves. But now she sees it's only perhaps a hundred. Returning her eyes to her parents they sat eagerly awaiting the reason their daughter left them without a word.

Serilda explained everything that had happened in the last year and half. Her parent's were in shock and her father was not pleased with her decision but as she explained how she's grown and the training and all she accomplished his anger soon turned to pride and maybe a hint of guilt. Surely it is a shock that she would go to such lengths to become an assassin. After her revelation she waited for her parents to speak but the only sound that filled the room was the ticking grandfather clock upon the mantel above the crackling fireplace. After a while her father stood up and sighed.

"Will you show me?" His response was not what she expected. But she was eager to show her skills. Clearly not all of them but she was eager non the less.

Her father joined her outside while her mother watched from inside while she made dinner.

Serilda showed him the basics she learned and even showed him her prided weapons. As she did the dance of blades she couldn't help but feel that she had made her father proud. Master said that she should be cautious around other assassins even her father. Sharing too much could be the source of her downfall.

Serilda loves her father but master has been around her more and has shaped who she is. He built her up while her father was determined to keep her down. Serilda trusted her master with all she had.

Being cautious in what she shares she prides herself in it. Refusing to show him any more than she would to a child. One mistake and she may end up dead. Her mission moved to the forefront of her mind again and it renewed her sense of purpose. Halting her display she finishes and narrows her mind on one goal. Finding the truth of this secret and dealing with it. Even if it means killing her own parents.

She plans to return to master and very soon and doesn't want to get too close to her family. Family can drag you down and she may not be able to slip away again. Learning not to trust her family completely is going to be hard, but necessary. Though she does wonder what her Father could teach her. She just hopes one day she will learn and that she won't have to kill him today.

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