Chapter 20 From The Heart

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A new herd of students came not any girls this time.

Serilda didn't sleep the night before she just thought about how she's going to apologize to Tai. He's been avoiding her like the plague. As much as she hates doing it, she's come to only one conclusion. She's going to have to corner him.

Staying up all night and then having to wake up at dawn is hard on a girl plus the stress of the day. She didn't want to get up but the boys always bang on the door as they walk down to the dining hall.

The first bang made her jump. Growling she forced herself out of bed and got dressed.

She opens her door still half asleep and end up with a palm shoved into her face slapping her awake. The guy realized he hit her and he panicked. Falling backwards he starts apologizing over and over like she was going to kill him. Frankly she didn't care today she just needs to eat and find Tai.

Though she wasn't really hungry she still got the meal she always got hot cereal, apples and milk. Finished the small bit of food she sat in her seat debating with herself whether she should get up.

Spotting Tai decision made she jumps up. The second she was up he noticed her and walked quickly to his table. Not backing off this time she followed leaving her food behind. He sat down at his table and slouched over trying to hide himself. Standing behind him.

"You can't run from me forever, we live together ninja." Tai turned around slowly like she was Medusa.

"I have been able to the last few days." Serilda snorted at his comment.

"Tai I wasn't trying to catch you then, but now I am." He swallowed avoiding eye contact.

"We need to talk. You know where to meet me." Leaving the food hall behind to fester on the lack of her presence.

She hiked up to the mountain side where they first fought. Serilda liked going there, she felt free there and loved the smell of the crisp fresh air. Leaning against the boulder she stared into the distance.

Up there you can't see the ground only the peaks of the other mountains and the cloak of fog that covered them like a blanket.

She gets lost in her thoughts when she heard a rock move and roll down the hill. Instinct kicking in she jumped to her feet with her blades in hand and ready to strike but drops her arms. Tai.

"I forgot how hard that climb was." He smiled something she hasn't seen in a long time. Tai walked past her still in shock that he showed she put her weapons away. He stands at the edge of the cliff and takes in the view. Silence between them.

"I have come up here everyday since the fight." She said sitting down. "Thinking about it a dozen times counting how many different ways it could've gone if I hadn't been so stubborn." Biting her bottom lip she continues.

"I have thought about jumping off that cliff every time." The confession was a whisper but he heard it. Tai turned around and looked at her completely shocked. She looked away.

"It bugged you that much?" He said softly taking a few steps toward her. A sudden ball of anger burst inside her but she wouldn't let that control this conversation not again. Replacing it with the real feelings she stood up tears welling in her eyes.

"Bugged me! It was killing me, knowing you hated me it hurt more than all the pain I have suffered in the past smashed together." Tai took a step forward flabbegasted by her words.

"I didn't.. I don't hate you, I'm just leaving you alone because that's what I thought you wanted." Unable to hold them back anymore she let the tears fall.

"Right so the fact that I cried myself to sleep and the pain I felt when I saw you, just screamed 'stay away from me.'" Her shoulders dropped he moved closer.

"I'm sorry Serilda I didn't know." Lifting her face she looked him in the eye.

"That's right you didn't know. You didn't know that the last few weeks have been agonizing for me. I cry until I'm so exhausted I just pass out every night because I miss you. I don't sleep not really. I barely eat. Every time I saw you I wanted to run into your arms and beg for forgiveness. I wanted to tell you how much I love you and how hard this has been and how much I wish that you would stop being so stubborn and just kiss me, tell me you love me and you're sorry!" Her entire body shook as she released all the pain that has been welling inside of her.

"I wanted that so bad." Her voice cracked her knees gave and she fell to the ground covering her face as tears fell from her.

" love me?" He knelt in front of her lifting her chin.

"Yes." Her voice was raw and low. Hurt that he didn't say anything else she continued.

"It doesn't matter because it's obvious you don't feel the same way. I—" Before she could finish he slammed his lips onto hers. She gave into it reveling in the fact that it is more amazing than she hoped. When they parted he took her face in his hands.

"What gave you that impression?" She couldn't speak. "Of course I love you. I thought that was obvious." This time she kissed him. Her fingers digging into his skull. His arms wrapped around her one hand slid up her back and tugged her hair free of the pony tail cascading down her back.

Her entire body was buzzing with electricity. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her onto his lap straddling him. Tilting his head he gripped the back of her head tangling his fingers in her hair. When his tongue pushed her lips open and brushed against hers she moaned. Hands exploring each other lost in the taste and feel of one another.

It took everything in his power to pull away from her. Both of them gasped for air trying to regain control of their breathing. Serilda licked he lips still tasting him on them resting her forehead on his she relished in the warmth.

"How was that for a kiss?" She attempted to laugh but it was more like a breathy sigh. She knew that everything had changed with that kiss but she was ready to face it as long as she had Tai by her side she could face anything.

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