Chapter 24 Discovery

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The first part of the previous night was amazing and that's what Serilda tried to focus on but the nightmare scared her out of trying to go back to sleep. Tai just held her until the sun came up then they packed up and moved on. Following the river as long as they could.

Finally they came across a small village called Exwon. Mainly farms and supermarkets luckily for them they needed supplies and food. The Exwon market had everything. The softest sheets, the sweetest fruits, the most beautiful flowers and foods none of which either of them have heard of. Once they had haggled their supplies they had to move on.

They had to cut through the Wkwo pass which is a series of mountains that intertwine with each other through caves and caverns many people have gone into the Wkwo and never returned. Throughout the Wkwo pass there are many unknown deadly snakes, beasts, and plants even ghost that will kill you before you even knew what happened.

"Are you sure that we have to go through here there isn't another path?" Serilda ask Tai he looked at the map and nodded.

"Unless you want to go through a lava vein this is it." Lava vein or deadly Mountain maze.

"Come on I have markers so if we get lost we can follow the markers back to where we came alright, besides we are armed and dangerous we have armor on too." Nodding she grabbed their gear and moved on.

After two days of nonstop walking they made it out of Wkwo. Now they have to travel through the Ede Forest which makes Wkwo look like a straight line. Ede is home to the worlds most deadly creatures everything there will kill you and they have to travel through it, it's a week long journey.

When they made camp they had to set up a net camp, which is when you take a net and hang it above the ground level so you are safe from any ground dangers also the net tent is made to keep anything in the trees from getting inside so you can sleep safe and sound. Unfortunately Serilda didn't sleep much whenever she did try to sleep she had that nightmare again. It stopped seeming like a nightmare and more like an omen.

The third day in they made it to a valley that was surrounded by forests and had a river that flows right through it. Serilda took a moment to marvel at the beauty but something about this place felt familiar to her like she had been there before.

Deciding to scout around for any animals that could be dinner. When she heard a noise to her left over by a fallen tree Serilda pulled out her swords just in case and crept over toward the noise.

Coming around the left side of the fallen tree she saw something that terrified her to the bone. She dropped her swords, petrified, body frozen, she couldn't breath, she could barely talk. She tried to call Tai but her vocal cords were having it she just couldn't get the words out. So she did the one thing that she wanted to do and knew would geth is attention. She took in a deep breath and let loose a blood curdling scream. Tai was at her side in seconds he grabbed her checking her body for injuries then pulled her away from the tree.

"Serilda look at me. What's wrong? Tell me." She was in shock and couldn't speak. Like a possesed person she raised her hand and pointed toward the horror that filled her eyes.

Two dead bodies lay on the ground their chests ripped open and all their organs ripped out the heart, lungs, and intestines everything gone. The smell of the rotting flesh engulfed their lungs. There wasn't any blood around so the bodies must have been killed somewhere else.

Serilda looked to the right of the bodies and a few feet away on the ground was a brown bag with a horse emblem on it. Rising to her feet she walked over and picked up the bag. Opening it to see if the content had anything that would help id the two bodies she shuffled through it and found a picture now knowing who they were. She walked over to Tai who was covering the bodies with a blanket.

"You know the two boys we have been tracking." Already knowing what she was going to say Tai nodded.

"Yeah?" Handing him the picture he frowned and let out a sigh.

"I think we just found them." Serilda looked up from the picture at the bodies.

"Well since we found them we can go home now right?" Bile rising in her throat she just wanted to go home. Tai didn't move.

"No. We may have found them but we don't know why they were heading this way. We need answers and I doubt they are going to give us any now. We need to keep searching." She grabbed his arm.

"Searching? For what there is nothing left to find we have no leads and we don't know where they were heading so even if they were going to see Kin we have no idea where she is." She turned around and started walking when she tripped on something. Looking down to see what it was that tripped her she couldn't believe it.

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