Chapter 10 The Fury Blades of Seri

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Months passed from the night she constructed her blade after arguing with her master on the matter he finally conceded realizing that she was too stubborn to train with anything else. Serilda's words to his claim of stubbornness were "You say stubborn I say determined. It's a matter of perspective master."

Since that night she had focused on the skills to use both blades in battle. Master Zion hadn't realized how much he missed teaching and soon started taking in more students.

It had been nearly a year and half since Serilda came to him.

Now in the courtyard of the master's property Serilda is continuing her training with the twin blades. Sparring with a fellow pupil.

"Serilda stand up straight and fight Mara using both blades. You must use your blades as extensions of yourself." He instructed firmly circling the two girls. Both covered in sweat and breathing heavily. The unyielding sun beaming down on their exposed bodies. Taking their stance of defense they circle each other waiting for the other to strike first. Serilda holds her left blade up facing Mara while the other is held straight across her abdomen.

Not pulling her eyes from her opponent she acknowledges her teachers instruction.

"Yes master." Serilda grunts taking careful steps. Mara chose to learn double bladed Scythe but first she has to learn how to use a staff.

Serilda has become more in tuned with herself she's faster, stronger, and more skilled then the girl she once was.

She has a gift that the master has seen only in one other, her father. Though he did not teach him he trained along side him for many years. However after the war their paths did not cross again.

The fury and passion that pulses through her into the blades is so overwhelming and powerful that the blades once silver color has changed to a black with emerald green shimmer. The immense power is too much for one blade, the two blades together take fare amounts of the energy. This transfer of her chi into the blades is an ancient skill that he has not seen before. The blade's transformation is similar to the blades of Machi but these blades are different they are forged not with power or rage like Mach no they are transformed by the passion and fury that Serilda has honed into a powerful weapon that few would be able to withstand. This is so rare and unique that the blades have the honor of gaining a title just as Machi's did. These are the fury blades of Seri.

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