Chapter 12 Return

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I can't believe we graduated already." Mara said.

"Yeah I hope my family is alright, I wonder if they will accept me after everything I did." I stated bluntly.

"Oh you mean sneaking off without a word? Don't worry Serilda you left for a good reason and you are going back for a good reason. You are a good person you have nothing to be ashamed about you are the best student. Master likes you very much but every bird has to leave the nest eventually and now is our time to leave." Mara had such a way with words you can't help but feel happy after hearing anything she says.

"Yeah but doesn't the mother bird throw her baby out of the nest? I don't think I want to be thrown." The two shared a laugh as they came to the break in their trail. Coming to a haul Serilda faced her friend and fellow student. "Thank you Mara I will miss you." She hugged her smiling.

"And I will miss you Serilda. You're an inspiration to me forever." Mara said over her shoulder. Gripping her pack strap tighter Serilda watches her friend walk out of view. She left her home a year and a half ago. She didn't know if she would return in four years to finish this. Master said that after she achieves this mission she will be able to decide.

As she walked down the train to the woods she knew that her and Mara's paths would cross again.

She could only hope that mother and father will welcome her back. Lost in her own thoughts she stopped when she reached the edge of the Forest and looked upon the gate of her home. But it did not feel like a home. Heart beating violently in her chest she pushed the gate open and climbed the hill. Her mansion home came into view and she couldn't stop herself from running toward it.

Pushing the door open she burst into the entry way her parents rushing to see who intrudes their home and her mother collapse to her knees at the sight of her daughter's return. Her father distant but shocked.

"Hello Mother, Father. I've returned."

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