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▼  Madness  ▼  The Joker  ▽  by NykosBitch
▼ Madness ▼ The Joker ▽ by ♚☾Goddess☽♚
He was the definition of Sociopath, She was the definition of Madness. What happens when she's there instead of Harley, when her quick tongue insults the one person she...
  • mrj
  • jaredleto
  • boomerang
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The Trouble Twins of the Suicide Squad ✔ by WillowRose11
The Trouble Twins of the Suicide S...by ♤ Willow Rose ♤
"Aren't you two to young to be criminals?" "Aren't you to old to be holding that stuffed toy in your jacket?" |●||•||●||•||●| "Mista J would lov...
  • captainboomerang
  • junemoon
  • amandawaller
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Enchantress  by white_black_cat
Enchantress by white_black_cat
Archeologist June Moone life turned upside down when she opened something she shouldn't have. The woman had been through hell and back but with her friend Carlisle Culle...
  • twilightbreakingdawn
  • enchantress
  • junemoone
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Pins and Needles  {Suicide Squad} by karcus
Pins and Needles {Suicide Squad}by karcus
"Welcome to your worst nightmare kiddo!" "Nah, I think it'll be your worst nightmare. Now that I'm here." Jack is a detached girl with the power to c...
  • killercroc
  • fanfiction
  • deadshot
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Magic and Love (Enchantress x Reader) by fryingpansrme
Magic and Love (Enchantress x Read...by Eliza Senpai
This is a book is a Enchantress x Reader for Females but if you are a guy you can read it too.
  • xreader
  • reader
  • dc
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Control || Suicide Squad  by Skyrocknrolla
Control || Suicide Squad by 💎 Skylar 💎
"What the hell was that?" "That was only a fraction of what she can do." Ava Wilson is one of the most dangerous criminals you could ever meet. Other...
  • amandawaller
  • katana
  • diablo
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Siren (Suicide Squad Fanfic) by Prohesivebutter
Siren (Suicide Squad Fanfic)by LunaticfringeJr.
Description in first Chapter. Just know its very different from most Suicide Squad fanfics.
  • sucidesquad
  • deadshot
  • siren
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Mortality by wowitschloe
Mortalityby Chloe
"magic tumbled from her pretty lips and when she spoke the language of the universe, the stars sighed in unison." -Michael Faudet {this is an au, meaning a bun...
  • suicidesquad
  • magic
  • âu
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Suicide Squad Imagines by Gen_Mikaelson
Suicide Squad Imaginesby Fandom Queen
Suicide Squad imagines and preferences here! Requests are currently closed! And please feel free to read my other books as well. Thank you for reading! -G
  • suicidesquadimagines
  • imaginejaredleto
  • imaginesandpreferences
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Of Earth & Ink { Suicide Squad } by Poison_Ivy99
Of Earth & Ink { Suicide Squad }by ινу
❝You aren't ugly Shi. You're beautiful inside and out.❞ ❝I'm a living disaster that's waiting to be unleashed.❞ ❝Yeah. But you're our beautiful disaster. And we wouldn't...
  • suicidesquad
  • dccomics
  • dc
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Boys & Toys || Harley x Joker ft. Enchantress x Colonel by prettysexycutehot
Boys & Toys || Harley x Joker ft...by meow
The best among the rest, a psychologist at Arkham Asylum, working her best for 10 years, Doctor Harleen Quinzel. She was assigned to the clown himself and the workplace...
  • caradelevigne
  • colonel
  • suicidesquad
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It's Complicated by Dagramis
It's Complicatedby Jovan Obradovic
My poems always have a few meanings so please pay attention while reading if you missed something otherwise some parts just might sound silly. I wrothe this in my darkes...
  • understand
  • poetry
  • dagramis
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Ensorcele-Moi❤️ by ChloChlo---P
Ensorcele-Moi❤️by __Young.Shoot__
Je m'appelle Rick Flag Colonel dans l'armée américaine. Je veille à la sécurité du pays je ne me décris pas comme un sauveur car je peux tuer des personnes innocentes ou...
  • enchantress
  • rickflagxjunemoon
  • suicidesquad
The Dark Tower Coven by PaperbackWroter
The Dark Tower Covenby PaperbackWroter
Deep within the woods there was a coven that wore white hoods FIRST WARNING: Please alert me on this for every single grammar mistake. And help me improve the flow of th...
  • horror
  • story
  • narrativepoem
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The Academy for the Unique  by ThatSaucyDirectioner
The Academy for the Unique by Sass_Master
Evelyn has a heart condition. She has been to many doctors but non can figure it out. It's gotten so bad she has to go live in hospital and give up her life and her fami...
  • vampires
  • romance
  • adventure
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Scalvereinia: a magical academe by jehana_29
Scalvereinia: a magical academeby Miss J
Welcome to Scalvereinia! -Scalthrenines
  • academia
  • magic
  • fantasy
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Enchantress: A Baby's Lullaby by Lunamon97
Enchantress: A Baby's Lullabyby Lunamon97
Another short story of Haruko and Kidd. It's been years since now and the happy couple I'd still together. But what'll be their reaction when they get some interesting n...
  • magnakiddmon
  • short
  • digimon
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The Curse Of Being Human by Claire_201
The Curse Of Being Humanby Caitlin The Goblin Queen
  • vampire
  • enchantress
  • witch
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Grey by amytstories
Greyby lovefanfics
Onyx High, not an ordinary school, but are the people ordinary? Are they the ones you should fear? Are they something out from a fantasy? Once you find out the trut...
  • onyxhigh
  • knife
  • thriller
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