Bonus-The Letter

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The Letter from Tai....

Dearest Serilda,

My life had seemed so complete I had everything I ever needed but it still wasn't enough. I went to Master in search of something greater. I did find it but that only filled part of the void. Then you walked through those doors with Master and I knew that I loved you. And that is what I was missing. I may not have shown it but when I stayed away it tore me apart. I often swapped room with one of the other boys so I wouldn't have to sleep across from you.

When we met on the mountain again I wanted to kiss you. Being so close to you but I resisted. Then you started talking about all you went through and I hated myself a little bit. I am writing this letter because of the nightmare you had last night. How it shook you I didn't want to believe it but I thought just in case.

Other than the nightmare the night was amazing. I thought you would want to wait until we had a more private setting but at the end of the night I knew that was the perfect setting. I couldn't have chosen a better place to spend our first night together. If you're reading this then I am dead. I have no regrets I hope you know that. I never regretted meeting you, loving you, knowing you or making love to you. No matter how long ago that night was I hope you still remember it. I will see you again. Remember I love you.

Love of my life, heart of my heart, song of my soul. I never have and never will love anyone as fiercly as I loved you. I wasn't one to believe in soulmates or being destined to be with someone. But that was before I met you.

I often heard people ask god to do things over again. I never understood that but then I realized it was because they never met their soulmates like I met you. I may be gone but my love for you isn't it will forever be written in the stars.

Together forever, never apart, maybe in distant but never in heart. Thank you for being in my life no matter how long that was. Goodbye for now my star catcher.

Your Truest Love,


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