Chapter 27 Goodbye

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She carried Tai all the way back to the temple when she approached the student's that were sparing came running up to her. But she ignored them and carried Tai to Master's chambers. She kicked the door open and there master sat.

"Welcome back Serilda where is Tai—Oh my." She looked at master anger and pain where her heart should be.

"He's dead because you sent us on that mission." She said grimly. "I had a feeling the moment you mention her that this would end bad but I ignored it."

"I am sorry. Come lets go bury him." Master led her into the Fallen Warriors cemetery. After the ceremony Serilda approached Master.

"Kin Tara killed him and I killed her." Master looked relieved.

"But when morning came her body was gone." Master froze.

"Is there anyway that she may have recovered?" He asked.

"I threw a dagger through her throat do you think she could recover from that?" Master turned away.

"What of the students?"

"Also dead not by my hand though." Master nodded.

"Master I..I don't think I can do this anymore." Master didn't move.

"I understand after suffering a loss like this I think it is best for you." She nodded and stood up. Going to her room to pack she broke down again.

Master approached her before her departure holding her blades out to her.

"Here take your blades as a remembrance of your times here." Hesitantly she took the weapons. "Here is the blade of Tai and a letter he told me to give you if he were to die." Serilda took the letter with shaky hands a knot growing in her throat. Tucking the blade in her pack she looked at the man who helped shape who she is.

"Thank you master you have been more of a father to me than my own." She bowed to him but much to both their surprise he hugged her.

"Where will you go?" He asked her.

"Don't know but I will when I get there." She said smiling and began her walk.

"Good luck my dear you will return one day." Shaking her head.

"No I won't." Disappearing out of view wandering forever. She promised herself she would never give her heart to another for she buried her heart her love.

Looking up at the stars before going to sleep she said. "Tai I will see you in my dreams."

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