Chapter 21 Happiness Returned

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   Serilda's life is finally coming together and she has someone that loves her as fully and deeply as she does him. She's learning from the greatest Assassin teacher in the world and her life has turned out to be the a million times better than it was when she was living with her parents.

Dedicated students are few now they keep leaving all with their own excuse. They miss their family, the training is too hard, they are tired of learning, or they just go rogue.

Master heard of all the reasons the students are leaving and he isn't convinced. He called Serilda and Tai to his chambers.

As they walked down the long hallway it felt as if it would never end. Finally at Master's door they let themselves in and sat down in front of him. He looked up at them.

"So you two are together now, Hm?" He called them in for this?

"Yes Master." Tai replied lacing his fingers through Serilda's. Master looked at them as if he was furious.

"Well it's about time you two get together, I thought I would die of old age before you two got together. Anyway that's not why I called you in here."

They were shocked at his comment but turned their attention the the task at hand.

"I have heard that several students have been leaving the temple."

"Yes sir twenty four to be exact." Serilda said solemnly.

"Right, well I think that they have all been summoned by Kin Tara. She is an assassin teacher that trains her students by sending them on Assassination jobs most of her students don't survive and those who do become extremely dangerous. However this is only a hunch of mine and if I want to act against them and deal with Kin Tara I need to get the Council's support but in order to get that I need proof."

"And that's where we come in?" Tai says.

"Precisely. I want you two to follow two of the students that said they missed their family and were heading home but went in the complete opposite direction of their homes together while they live no where near each other." The Master starts pacing.

"Perhaps they wish to travel together and take the scenic route." Tai suggests.

"Possible but unlikely. That is why I need you two to track them to see whether or not my hunch is correct. If Kin is calling them that means she needs to get something dangerous that could kill millions. So can you two do it?" The two look at each other as if they were having a conversation in their heads. They both stand up and bow.

"Yes Master we can do that easily. If this Kin Tara truly is summoning these students then she is a threat to everyone and must be stopped. We will investigate and see if they are truly going to Kin Tara." Tai assures him. Though Serilda is agreeing she has a feeling that this is going to be more than an reconnaissance mission. Something is going to go horribly wrong. Pushing the doom and gloom thoughts away she focuses on the present.

"Master if we are to encounter Kin Tara what should we do?" Serilda asks and Master turned to her with anger on his face.

"If you encounter her do not engage she would kill you before you could even blink." Serilda flinched but recovered.

"Okay. We will leave at once." Tai says pulling Serilda out with him. Still stunned and confused by his violent reaction.

"Be safe." When they opened the door half the remaining students and staff were standing by the door listening.

"Um we were just—"one of the students was trying to explain to an angered Master but he just roll his eyes. Serilda turned to her love.

"Meet you in the courtyard in fifteen minutes." Tai nods with a kiss to her cheek the split to their rooms to pack for the trip. Once packed Serilda's stomach churned again that nagging feeling of disaster demanding her attention.

A knock on the door made her turn. "Come in." Tai opened the door and entered in all black and dark green clothes.

"I'm all packed I left my stuff in the yard I'm just waiting for you." Serilda pulled her blades out and set them on the bed.

"Okay I'm almost ready I just got to change then I'll be good." Tai nodded but didn't leave. Serilda looked at him raising a brow. "I'll wait here." Rolling her eyes she walked into the bathroom and started changing. Pulled her shirt over her head. Glancing in the mirror she could see Tai was watching. She couldn't blame him the beginning of her training did leave a lot of scars...That and he was a guy.

Hair pulled into a ponytail, blades secured on her back and cloak to covering her armor. The nagging feeling in her belly nagging at her. Grinding her molars she walked out of the bathroom and Tai was sitting on the bed.

"Don't be bashful. I saw you looking. Let's go." She teased and threw her bag over her shoulder. Going to the courtyard they prepared for their departure when Mara ran to catch the before they left.

"Hey Serilda! I just got back where are you going?" She asks her friend in a hug then looks over at Tai.

"And who's the pretty boy?" Feeling slightly possessive she smacked her friends hand away.

"Mara it's great to see you this is my boyfriend Tai. Sorry I can't stay Master gave us a mission we're going to be gone a while sorry." Pouting Mara nodded.

"Oh okay well good luck. Maybe when you get back we can spar like the good old days." I smile and wink.

"Don't make us sound old. I'll see you then." Mara stood in that spot watching the two walk away until they were out of sight. Tai could sense that something was off with Serilda. He grabbed her hand.

"Hey we will be back soon, don't feel bad you didn't abandon her you got a job to do so let's go do it." His voice was sweet as honey, he knew just how to make her feel better and how to make her angry.

"Come on let's get this done." She will love him. Always.

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