Chapter 25 Reality

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"Tai!" Serilda shouted pointing at the ground. Impossible how is this here? Tai came running up and looked where she was pointing. The rooted up stump that had a lightning bolt carved into it and stained with blood. It was just like the one in her dream. No it was the one in her dream. Panic flooding her system needing to protect him she started scanning the surroundings.

"What the? is that what I think it is?" She told him every detail of the dream and this was one big one.

"That's real and from your dream then what else in your dream is real?" Not wanting to know she forced herself to her feet.

"I don't know or care but if this is real then I don't want to know what else could be true." Picking up on her meaning he stood.

"Okay well before you ask you are not dreaming." Tai said and she wishes he hadn't. Suddenly she couldn't breathe.

"Tai do you smell that?" She asked him he grabs her hand.

"Fire." Turning to the tree line. She watches the flames engulfing the trees. The leaves on the ground quickly catch fire and spread. She grabs her swords off the ground and gets ready to fight if this is happening then that women will come.

"Tai stay next to me okay. If this is happening then that women is going to show up." He stood to her left. Maybe if they can avoid her then he won't be killed. She could only hope that's how this would work.

"Hey if this doesn't work and I am going to die then I should probably tell you that I was going to propose when we got back to the temple." Of all times to tell her this he chose now. Rolling her eyes.

"Well I would say yes. Okay now please just focus." She told him fear controling her. Her eyes are beginning to water the smoke fumes burning.

"I love you and I just thought that you should know, just in case." He needs to shut up and focus. Turning around she grabs his shirt pull him face to face.

"I love you too. Now kiss me so you can focus." Their kiss was violent and desperate. Fear choking her. Finally parting he stands behind her back to back. Trying to look through the smoke to find the person that they both hoped won't be here. Suddenly she feels something hard hit her head making her collapse to the ground.

Her eyes snap open vision is blurry and head pounding and a line of blood falling down her forehead. She struggled to get to her feet when she hear a scream she turned her head looking for the source of the sound.

Then realized Tai was gone. Panic controlling her she looked left to right and tried to walk but the flames wouldn't let her move anymore she was trapped.

"Tai! Tai! Where are you help me I'm trapped the flames they're everywhere!" Her stomach lurched and her knees felt week. Just like the dream!

Moving in a circle she looks for the place that she knows the woman will be. When she turns she regrets the movement immediately finally seeing him. The woman with the wicked smile stands there ready to kill her beloved. The urge to look around for her swords pull on her but she knows they are no where to be seen. Unable to reach him with all the flames. She fears the outcome.

Suddenly she remembered something the master said to her.

"There are many things in this world that can hurt you but if they are preventing you from reaching your goal you must push the fear of the pain aside." With his words in her mind she takes off and runs as fast as possible jumping through the flames. Hissing at the sensation of them burn her flesh but those flames are nothing the burns even less. It doesn't matter she needs to save him. She won't let the dream happen.

Still running toward the woman who is beating Tai. She spots her weapons and grabs them. still running she locks the two blades together into one. She can see the woman she's close. She has the sword and is getting ready to strike. The flames around her rise as she swings.

"NO!" Tossing the pole through the fire I hope that my strike was true and in time.

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